One warm day in November


Just like spring will one day come again, I am filled with hope today.  But I am going to leave it to you to decide if lilacs blooming in November is a good thing or not.

17 responses to “One warm day in November

  1. OMG!!! Are you serious?!? Lilacs in November? Where? In Michigan? That is NOT good. I’m going to cry now.

  2. Yup Tameson. Here in the chicken yard. Upside: They smell just great!

  3. Now I have lived here all my life and that is something I have never seen.

  4. I’ve noticed roses and irises flowering two cycles between spring and winter in the past couple years here in NYC. Freaks me out.

  5. Freaky and leaves me wondering about climate issues, but I am so jealous! I just love lilacs… the scent!

    How very odd, though.

  6. No, not good. Really sad and they’re my favorite too. I hope they’re OK in the spring.

  7. I just love lilacs!

  8. I, also, am filled with hope today, but lilacs in November cannot be a good thing. Is it a huge bush that is blooming?

  9. oh my! I have one flower on the cherry (sakura) tree as well : ) It was also in bloom few Nov back when we came to see the house and thought that was a welcome sign : ).

  10. well, if lilacs were the harbinger of the day’s outcome I will now always think of november 4 when I see lilacs


  11. Angie: well! If we live long enough we’ll see all kinds of things.

    Anna, I was in NYC last January and I saw daffodils blooming in Gramercy Park. Yep, freaky stuff!

    Ali, I know, it is kind of odd. I don’t think the tree was stressed at all: we’ve had a bit of rain this fall but otherwise it’s not like we’ve hit the deep freeze and come out of it. But I agree they smell pretty good, especially atop all the wonderful smells of fall.

    Alecto, well, we’ll see. I have noticed that the branches that are blooming are also setting out new leaves. They’ll get bit for sure.

    Jules, I wish I had more of them! This bush is a monster.

    Pamela, yeah, it is a monster but it’s not all blooming, only about 30% of it is…which is surprising in itself of course. Even moreso now that most of the leaves have dropped from the tree!

    WF: I guess in my heart I consider it a good sign too. Such a zest for life, for hope!

    Ah, Teem, I was wondering if you piled your troops onto a southbound #151 to see the activities last night. I sure would have: those crowds really got me weepy, that, and those gorgeous buildings in the backdrop. It would have been fun to have been a part of it.

  12. OMG, it’s an omen! The question is whether a good or bad one.

    Walt Whitman’s elegy to Abraham Lincoln:

    WHEN lilacs last in the door-yard bloom’d,
    And the great star early droop’d in the western sky in the night,
    I mourn’d—and yet shall mourn with ever-returning spring.

    O ever-returning spring! trinity sure to me you bring;
    Lilac blooming perennial, and drooping star in the west,
    And thought of him I love.

  13. Oh my, not a good thing!

  14. Lilacs blooming in November is indeed a strange thing.
    And, so is today.
    I say, enjoy.

  15. That is nuts! Our lilacs came and went in May in PEI.

    Love your blog!

  16. Why is this such a bad thing? Am I missing out on some gardeners’ secret knowledge? (other than the issue of climate change.)

    So relieved at our choice of President. Perhaps this is the start of a new era…

  17. Danielle, that is positively chilling. Here’s hoping there’s no direct link, you know? Thank you for posting it.

    Kathy, well, at least they’re pretty and smell wonderful!

    CC: I enjoyed the day very much, thanks. And just when I thought I would, you know, calm down about the whole election I found out I was just as interested in news of the transition process! Ack.

    Thanks, Laura Jane! Ours came and went…and came, I guess.

    Laurene, I guess it is that whole global-warming thing. Here it is Nov. 6th and our windows are open, and I am worried about the stuff in the greenhouse being too hot. But yes, a new day has dawned, politically, certainly.

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