No salad last night

Plastic-less greenhouse and…snow!

Yipes.  That certainly came quickly: the cold hammer that is winter.  We were very disappointed that bad weather prohibited us from putting the skin on the new greenhouse this weekend.  (Gale-force winds are not exactly ideal for plastic-hanging.)  The sleet/snow forecast wasn’t exactly welcome news for Monday, either.  This was the view today.

The wood 1×2 you see are on the ends of the greenhouse only:  you sandwich the plastic from the tops and the sides to this with another piece of 1×2.  The middle hoops have an aluminum channel into which you snap a bent wire to hold the plastic.  It’s a pretty slick system actually.  But no, I am not fretting overly about the green residents of the new greenhouse.  They’re tough!  I do have to tell myself I am not aiming for growth at this point.  I am aiming for simple greenery.  On cloudy days like this one (and presuming the plastic is on), it’s like a big fresh refrigerator of salad.

Dang, I do hope we get a chance to hang the plastic this week though.  The lettuces, broccoli, onion things and kales don’t exactly LOVE snow.

Help us!

8 responses to “No salad last night

  1. It’s headed our way. My hoophouse thingy looks like yours, the outer skin is not yet on and 10cm of snow predicted for this evening.

  2. Holy Crap!

    Man, I complain an awful lot about living in cold, cold New England, but you are always here to remind me that I’m a big whiny sissy and I need to embrace our 40 degree weather!

    You have my deepest sympathies and my undying respect 🙂

  3. Ahhh!!! You can keep it in your part of the state okay? LOL! 😉

  4. Ohmagah!!
    I am so spoiled here in Latitude 38º.
    Best wishes.

  5. Ah, nothing like the Northwest. We may get an awful lot of rain, but, Snow in October? Good luck getting it all under cover. Actually, when you mentioned kale, it made me think it would be nice to get an early frost, because kale gets so much sweeter after a good frost.

  6. thelazygardener

    I read some curly Kale loves snow.

  7. Wow, people around here were fussing about being in the low fifties. I love snow, but I don’t think I’d be as enthusiastic about October snow. Good luck with the cover.

  8. OG: Well, I hope it passes you by! There’s a warm-up happening this week so hopefully you can take advantage of that too on this weekend.

    Taylor! Hah! Now I would get your respect and deserve it if I lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: we feel quite wimpy compared to their temperature swings. But yes, this was a bit of a blow. Sigh.

    Ang, will try! I am not sure if I can promise though 😉

    CC: yes mighty chillleeee! But the inside of that older greenhouse is mighty toasty. Little Edie spends most of her days under the pepper plants in there.

    Edward, yep, I have been looking forward to that sweetness too. Needs a few more hard frosts though. I have a lot of kales outside but last year was a really hard winter and I lost them…first time that ever happened. So I have quite a few indoors now too (or, well, if I get that plastic on that is…)

    TLG: Yep, some vates or Scotch kales are quite cold-hardy, mainly because they are low-growing (dwarfed) plants with not so much leaf exposure to the cold. Like I said to Edward, I was a bit miffed my kales didn’t make it last year but then again nothing I grow tends to be dwarf varieties! One of my Tuscan kales is 4.5′ tall and wide, easily, and people say “what is that tree you’re growing?”

    Thanks, Pamela. I think we’ll try to get the sides on today. I’m crossing my fingers that is…

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