Very busy lately!

6 responses to “Cranking

  1. What is that? Is it making grape juice? Sorry to be so out of the loop 🙂

  2. Hello Brittney: yep, grapes! We have about an acre of Concord and Niagara grapes. It’s more than we can eat or use so we give most of them away. I have finally (finally!) taken some time to juice them. Whew.

  3. Ah grapes. I thought sunberries when I first saw them. I was wondering how you juice Concords. My neighbour delivers them to me every fall.

  4. Do you ever dry them?

  5. I’m going that today.
    Is that a squeezo? I have an older squeezo that I just love.

  6. OG: Sunberries, huh. That’s on my list, actually. But nope just Concords.

    Jeri, well, they’re seedy and their skins are kinda thick so no. We do make grape fruit leather with them though…

    BB: Ours is not a Squeezo but it looks like the same thing. Tom put the damned top in the dishwasher, bad husband that he is, so it’s a little warped. It’s by Back to Basics and we got a couple extra spirals and sieves to go with it. I confess I only use it for grapes because the thing frustrates me immensely. For tomatoes I use a simple food mill and for applesauce I use a chinois. Of the three the food mill never leaves the kitchen for basement storage….

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