On vacation

Well, I am off for points northwest, car packed with chopsaw, hammer drill, tool belt and tools.  I’m going to help my friend C build some stuff on her farm in Wisconsin.  (I’m also sneaking a bushel of tomatoes to hand off, too.)  This is my first vacation away from my family since the kid was born, and although it will be strange to be without them, I know I will have lots of fun too.

There will be lots of photos and things to share, but C’s internet connection plainly stinks so please stay tuned to this spot next Tuesday.  Onward!

7 responses to “On vacation

  1. I how you have lots of fun. It is so wonderful that you also are helping your friend.

  2. Happy trails.

  3. too too funny, el….tonight I’m wishing I could run away for awhile.

    Not that I think that’s what you are doing at all, I’m just envious as anything and wishing I had a friend to go help. Just for awhile ‘cuz yep I would miss them.

    After a while.

    oh, come on, if anybody wants to be honest about it, there are probably a lot of us that would like to run away…at least for a little while. Just long enough to catch your breath or be able to think about yourself first for the first time in a long time or just for a change. No? I don’t believe it. Not for a minute. I’ve been “growed up” and “responsible” since I was 16 and here at 50 I do wish I could run away sometimes. Be irresponsible, spur of the moment, no consequences kind of a moment, or two or three, in time.

    Being honest again, though, I know it wouldn’t last very long…responsibility is too deeply ingrained and while I think I’d really, really enjoy it at first, it wouldn’t take long for the guilt to set in and I’d be wishing I was home. With all the love and routine that I’m so used to.

    really would be nice though…think of it…whatever I wanted for dinner I could have…boggles my mind.

    Have fun, el. You deserve a vacation and your adorable daughter and steadfast Tom will be extra appreciated when you get home.

  4. Hey El, don’t know how far away from my farm you’ll be, but consider yourself invited to stop by if you’re near or passing through the Fox Cities. Break fast with us in the evening. Even a futon with your name on it if you like. Safe travels.

  5. Have fun! We’ll miss ya!

  6. Alecto, thanks! It was fun. Really.

    Grammy, well, I am good with tools, and I am cheap (just feed me).

    Thanks, Pamela.

    K! Yeah. Running away. I think what’s somewhat necessary about vacationing is doing that: vacating. Vacating one’s life and one’s troubles, and, in this case, adopting someone else’s life and troubles for a few days. My motive wasn’t entirely selfless, I readily admit. It’d have been fun to have the fam join in, but it was unrealistic coming on the heels as it was to our last vacation. I did wish they were with me. It’s nice though to come back and see some roles reversed (Tom as chef, chief housecleaner) but we’ll probably be back to our old selves soon enough.

    Jo! Thanks. Entirely different part of the state, I fear; I was outside of River Falls, near Hudson, near, well, near the Twin Cities. Kind of. It would have been fun to break fast with you in the p.m. though!

    Thanks, Taylor.

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