On looking for silver linings

Chickens love their worms

My rain gauge says we have had 8.25″ of rain since Friday night.  My neighbor’s rain gauge says it’s more like 9.25″.  Either way, that’s a lot of rain.

“Could be worse,” neighbor said.  “If it were snow, we’d have about 90″ of the stuff.”

It’s good for worm hunting though.  And anytime is a good time to have a bagpiping session, no?

Friend Rob plays pipes:  moist weather is good for woodwinds, apparently

6 responses to “On looking for silver linings

  1. You should call the Hello Kitty people and introduce them to their best model.
    I bought some polka dot boots this spring for splashing through puddles, because you just never get too old for some things.

  2. I checked the climate information for our area this year and we are 12 inches of water past normal. And we usually get around 46 inches of precip in 12 months.

    We got hammered by Hanna — 5.5 inches of rain in 12 hours — sump pump was overwhelmed and we shop-vacced 300 gallons of water out of the basement.

    That’s a *ton* of water we carried outta there.

    Hmm … I wonder if the snowblower works on melted stuff? 😉

  3. Our gauge showed 4 and 1/2.

    Too funny that we also have a friend that plays the pipes named Rob….things that make you say Hhmmmm?

  4. How come Rob’s not wearing a Kilt.I used to have some noisy downstairs neighbors years ago and I had a bagpipe LP that was the best noise stopper I ever had.Point the speakers into the floor, turn up the Bagpipes and things got quiet fast.

  5. By the way I love your blog.I was just randomly searching blogs through the blogger thing about five weeks ago when I came across yours.I just garden a little in L.A. but grew up outside Rochester N.Y. and on the edge at the time between burb and country.Still a lot of farms in Western N.Y. and I go back each fall.Your farm reminds me of a friends dads farm as a boy and I love the pics and stories.Last October I was driving a dirt road in the hills above Naples N.Y. with my parents and we came upon a small farms flock of ducks and geese in the middle of the road.Beeping the horn only got the geese riled up and pecking the tires.It was funny cause there were two really ornery geese and a whole bunch of ducks who did not want to move off the road.Was a good five minutes before we were”allowed” to pass.

  6. Pamela, we have friends who say they want to claim Dora the Explorer as an exemption on their taxes as a third dependent. Luckily Hello Kitty isn’t nearly so prevalent in our house. I envy fun boots, as mine are kind of boringly navy. But they work well, though…

    Firefly I feel for you: wet basements absolutely suck. Ours doesn’t flood so much as weep. There’s a trench running all the way around it and mostly the water stays in it and drains out one corner but…it still sucks. We flew out of Boston through Hanna and it was a bit of a nightmare.

    Woody, that’s just weird. Rob is a friend from grad school and when he mentioned he’d played bagpipes since he was a small kid we were all very impressed.

    John, a kilt would’ve come in handy with all that rain! There is something singular about bagpipes, though. We had to stand in another outbuilding to listen, they were so darned loud. I wondered how far away one had to be to still hear it: I would guess a mile or more. But I am glad you like the blog. I love it when people comment, and especially when they tell stories of your own: geese eating tires is something they just do, they are so very curious with their bills. And yes they can be kind of bullying, which of course makes them more endearing to me. Have a great time when you go back to see your folks this fall.

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