On Beantown

I want no long-faced saints too: Little Italy (North End)

Driving the Duck on the Charles River

Of course I would love a town with a food nickname, especially of the family Fabaceae.  And food:  I swear we ate our way through the town.  I think I got my annual fix for seafood.  But Boston was lovely, including the weather.  It’s an eminently walkable city, even for a 4.5-year-old.  We wish we had more time to spend there.  But…we’ll be back.

11 responses to “On Beantown

  1. Great photos!

  2. I hope you had fun in my lovely city! It’s a wonderful place to be a tourist!

  3. Haven’t been since my the last of my Boston friends gave up and moved elsewhere but it is an incredibly walkable city and I ought to just go back friendless while Little Girl is still little.

  4. El, you have got the cutest kid ever. Love that photo in front of the city map!

  5. So glad you had fun (and cooperative weather)!

  6. There is nothing better than an adventure with a small child. Your little bird rescuer gets cuter and cuter.
    I was fascinated with the saint photo, so I had to look it up. Totally cool. It was listed with a story about a family with a three generation garden in the heart of brick buildings.

  7. what a cute kid u have there….! cheers!

  8. Thanks, Brightmyer! I can’t take credit for them though.

    Taylor, we sure did. What a wonderful place to be from. Everyone was so friendly too. We’ll be back for another show in a year or two, so we hope to spend more time there.

    Alecto, yeah, get on that, especially since you are A LOT closer! The Ducks tour was completely hokey but quite fun and…information-laden.

    Aw, Meg, thanks. I swear it’s the glasses but actually she’s quite a “characktah” as they’d say in New England.

    Hey, you guys: I have Mary to thank for some lovely dining recommendations, and suggestions for good bookstores, too! Check out her site; she’s another foodie and blogs about how you can be too despite being time-crunched. (Thanks, Mary, and happy birthday!)

    Pamela, wow, you did more than I: I will have to look it up. I loved finding semi-hidden shrines when wandering around Italy so it was quite fun finding this one too. But thanks: she gets more fun every day, which I didn’t think was possible.

    Cheers Joycesiew, and thanks!

  9. oooo..so jealous! Boston was working on it’s walkability the last time I was there…calculating….20 years ago! It wasn’t as walkable then, but always beautiful and interesting!

  10. Hi Jennifer…Yep! I think it’s been a good 20 for me too and you’re quite right I remember a lot more sketchy areas back then (and me a girl from Chgo at the time where sketchy was what most cities were). Anyway, it was lovely, and people were so friendly, and even the T was not so bad.

  11. She got to drive the duck! Lucky!

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