August is the shortest month

Baby radicchio in the seed-starting bed

The nights have been cool recently. Not sweater cool, but definitely it’s-moving-away-from-summer cool. I suppose that is okay, though as ever it catches me by surprise. Cool, already? When life is this busy, the days and weeks tend to slip by.

The cooler weather is great though for all those fall crops. Also, a lower night temperature means a lower soil temperature, so all my salad babies are sprouting and growing happily. Ah. Another week or so I can start pulling the determinate Bellstar Paste tomatoes and transplant salad stuff into the greenhouse. Yay! Salad. We’ve missed it.

Of course, though, I am in no rush for autumn to come. Salad or no salad.

6 responses to “August is the shortest month

  1. NOOOOO!! where has the summer gone? Dont be rushing this cool weather in : ). I have plenty of Asian vegetables needing heat. This summer has been strange…..Too hot, not much rain, then a lot of rain and now this cool weather. My broiler project is still at 50%. They have not grown out to be giants – yay! I would need for some more warmer days so they can run around and pick up some weight.

  2. Cooling in August? My dear, you are just too hardy for me.

  3. What else are you starting now?

  4. I live for cooler weather! I am definitely not a summer person, even though I love me gardens. I thrive in fall, winter and spring – I wilt in summer.

  5. I’ve got a tone of veggies needing heat, too! Summer come baaaaack!

  6. WF! Okay, so it’s not just cool here, but everywhere? Ah. I am NOT trying to rush it in; cool weather seems to rush itself in, no help from me at all! Glad to hear, though, that your broiler project is coming along. I need to make another post about mine. I am also sorry to learn you’ve had a lot of bad surprises this year. So sad!

    Oh CC but you see I am not so very tough at all, as I moved from Minnesota where it’s sweater weather in July evenings (but 100* during the day go figure). Here, it doesn’t ever get above 85*.

    Hi Taylor. I have started a second round of salad stuff, mostly all winter lettuces like Rouge d’Hiver and Winter Marvel and others. Now that it’s cooler I also do succession crops of broccoli raab (rapini) as it’s not nearly so spicy when it’s cool, and my husband loves the stuff. I have also divided the perennial onions and planted them into the greenhouse beds, and I should get out the little garlic bulbils out of the fridge where I have been tricking them into thinking it’s winter.

    Ah Bobbi. That’s why I moved where I did: the lake keeps us really cool. Summer highs are usually only in the 70s. Of course that lake dumps a ton of snow on us but you have to take the good with the bad!

    Daisy, I hope it does. I am sure it will, usually right around when school starts up again.

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