On the high season

There’s a garden in here somewhere. It’s a good place to misplace a child too.

Lest nobody tell you this and you find yourself busy or, in my case, sick when the faucet that is your garden produce moves quickly from drip to full-on blast: the garden waits for no one.

Oh yeah, you are hearing me complain. I complain only because I think I am superhuman and can actually keep up with the food preservation AND go away for a couple of days. But I can’t get sick in there; it’s not in the cards.

Not that I am saying I am buried. I do try to meter out the food madness in measured doses to be done alongside dinner, and have the occasional mad blast of fruit preservation every other week or so. But yes, I had a headache that lasted a few days and it rendered me useless for anything other than my paid work. (Shows how little my job asks of me, eh?) This little detour has made for some rather tiring evenings now that I am well. Whine, poor me, whine. Of course I am laughing as I type this because I am the source of all my pain: those seeds did not magically plant themselves.

I believe I am back to nearly full capacity, though. This is a good thing as it’s high peach and blueberry season, and let’s not talk about the two baseball bat-sized zucchini that met me in the garden yesterday, okay? Eeks. Scary squash.

7 responses to “On the high season

  1. I know how you feel – about the complaining when it’s really all your doing, and it’s really all just great stuff anyway that we can grow all this bounty. But, somehow I still find the energy to complain about it. Funny. I often just chock it up to my crazy idea that I can grow more and more every year. I think it’s really the realistic side complaining to the crazy side hoping it will finally listen but, it just goes the other way and buys more seeds next year!

    And about the zucchini, I always try to pick it when it’s a good eating size, but sometimes I secretly enjoy when it grows to monster proportions as it is just so incredible that it can grow that big that fast.

  2. Baseball bat sized scary zucchini! You made me laugh out loud. Just tell them, “Oh yeah, I totally meant to let it grow that big. You can’t save seeds for next year from the little ones.”

  3. I have two of those scary zucchini too…I’m trying to figure out the best thing I can do with them, most dishes that we make would only use about a third of one. That’s a good idea to get the seeds out, I’ll have to crack one open and start drying the seeds.

    Any good recipes for larger than life zuccini ?

  4. I’m making a zucchini frittata today, and for a twist, I’m pouring the batter into muffin tins for individual portions.
    I like cute food.

  5. El, I believe it should be ‘wine, pour me wine!” don’t you?

  6. Lorika, you are DEFINITELY on to something. For me, my madness this year was getting the 2nd greenhouse going, and that kind of put me behind with everything, now it’s a deficit I will probably make up in October when it really doesn’t matter anymore. I tell myself it’s okay as next year the greenhouse will be covered and weeds will not be an issue (it’s true: they don’t grow in the greenhouse, something of a miracle I think). But indeed picking the squash while small is a goal here, and I even go out at different times of the day to ensure I find them all (light levels being different therefore revealing sneaky squash) but, well, sh*t happens. I do get amazed too they get that big, and so quickly.

    Hah, JCC, I think of PeeWee Herman “I meant to do that,” with your post. I won’t be saving the seeds though because the chickies like them too much (and they’re in a bed with crookneck squash so they’ve cross-pollinated).

    IAProgressive, why yes, look at the post today. If you’re not a bread fan, I will admit I end up sticking them in practically any dish. Minestrone is my favorite hide-the-excess dish of late but zucchini ends up in everything especially if it’s shredded. It kind of disappears in that form!

    CC: it’s because YOU are cute. And your dog. (Can’t verify Cranky’s cute status, though.) So: can the muffin pan take a trip through the broiler?

    Jules! Freudian slip: I wondered if anyone would notice 😉 Hah. Yesss, indeed. Although wine does make me whine more, on occasion.

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