Sunday trifecta

Well! The tap has opened. Tomatoes, beans AND zucchini ready on this day. So far, it’s just a drippy tap. (Soon enough the firehose will be on full.)

I feel kind of misty.

8 responses to “Sunday trifecta

  1. What is that lovely purple thing? Is it some sort of onion?

  2. Hi Taylor. Yeah, it’s a somewhat malformed cipollini onion. They’re on the sweet side!

  3. Lovely! We have yet to see a ripe tomato, but I am waiting eagerly with salt shaker and fork in hand.

  4. That looks like a great haul for early in the season. I’m still waiting for my bunches of green tomatoes to ripen. I love the analogy to the firehose – I’m sure I’ll be overwhelmed by veggies ina few weeks, but for now I can’t wait for the tap to open!

  5. What a wonderful, colorful bounty! Our first tomato plants are about to be ripped out. I have some volunteers that are still producing, but they’ll be done soon too. It’s just too hot here in July and August. I’ve got cuttings in pots to replant as it cools off. Our yellow and zucchini squash experiment was a dismal failure. Maybe next year, in a sunny spot this time! My volunteer butternut has only one little one left. The rest I pulled out. On the up side, the jalapenos and Caribbean red hots are LOVING the heat.

  6. The vegetables look spectacular, but I am loving that giant colandar.

  7. Food you grew. How divine.
    (And at this point, you get to just eat it. The presarvin’ will come later, when you’re in trouble, firehose-wise.)

  8. Meg: Fork? Don’t they just go right into your mouth?

    Lori: I know what you mean. Tomatoes do have a reputation as being the be-all of a garden: it’s not a garden until they’re red, I guess. I’m not so sure. I love them, but it’s with mixed feelings. I love my broccoli more, I guess.

    Jules, wow. I wonder what my greenhouse tomatoes will do then: surely (as today’s post shows) they are just hitting their stride, and it’s sure Alabama hot in there! Yeah, I am finding more and more tomato volunteers this year, it’s nuts. I do allow them to do their thing, as, about the time that frost hits, I will pull them up and hang them by their roots in the basement to finish growing. But yes, the peppers do love it hot!! I have never been able to grow them as well as I am now that the greenhouse is part of the plan.

    Pamela, let me introduce you to her then: that is The Mother of All Colanders. If you do a “search” for that term you will see she figures highly in my posts going back to the very beginning. I know it’s harvest season when I dust her off and leave her in the garden.

    CC: Welp, see that little broccoli that the kid picked? Every night I pick almost a whole Mother’s (see note above) worth of broccoli to freeze. Its’ about 3-4 pounds a night, crazy. And it’s fruit season here too! Peaches in about a week (the good red kind) and blueberries now. I am kind of glad it comes in waves.

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