On fast-growing weeds

One way to do in the weedy things that want to take over your garden is to eat them.***

In July and August, I don’t bother with lettuce. Even though it’s not super hot here (we get only 2-4 90* days in the summer) summer really is not the best season for lettuce. Romaine seems to hold its own, as well as some of the tougher leaf lettuces, but…I feel it’s best to wait until fall for the daily huge salad. (That, and it’s Slaw Season around here!) Instead, I’m harvesting weeds.

Pursulane has a very high percentage of Omega 3 fatty acids in its little crunchy leaves and stems. It can be tangy, but it reminds me of cucumber. Lamb’s quarters can be used like spinach. This fuzzy-leaved plant might take some getting used to, texture-wise, but it’s also chock full of good vitamins. And then flowers. It’s great to grow edible flowers.

So, the only problem with a salad of weeds is I don’t let enough of them grow.

***Note: I am loath to tell you what to go out and eat. Please buy or borrow a book on wild edibles before you go foraging!

4 responses to “On fast-growing weeds

  1. That is so *me*. I love finding food.
    I had a huge “volunteer” purslane last summer (is a weed ever a volunteer?), but it didn’t return this year. Succulent, juicy, tart… Guess I could buy the domesticated variety.
    Happy summer, dear.

  2. I’m just now learning the joys of Pursulane.

  3. CC: only one pursulane? Lucky. They like newly-turned soil (same with lamb’s quarters) and I busted up a lot of sod to make the new greenhouse beds so I have lots of fun volunteers going on. You want to know what’s funny? I tried growing the domesticated stuff and failed miserably.

    Bobbi! Yep. It’s like a good way to get even 🙂

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