I (heart) long weekends

Busy weekend here! (Too busy here to blog, apparently.) Hope you are all enjoying sunshine wherever you garden. And look what the ducks learned to do:

Please excuse the poor photo quality, as it was taken through a window.

7 responses to “I (heart) long weekends

  1. wanted to say “looks like they took to that like a duck to water” but no, no – I’ll restrain myself.

    I didn’t say it, I just said I wanted to.

  2. Gee, they’re getting big awfully fast, aren’t they?

  3. ahhhh yes……..the little blue wading pools! lol
    we have three back near the poultry pens. we
    also have a pond at the front of the property and
    one at the back, but the ducks and geese prefer
    the dadgum wading pools!

  4. It’s the clothes line pole thingies I’m wanting.

  5. Cutie Ducks. Good you are having a productive weekend.

  6. Hayden, funny thing but they really were scared of the big blue blob. They had quite a bit of fun in their water bowl though until they got over their fear!

    Artemisia: they put the meat chickens to shame, they grow so fast! Next year, different duckies for us. They are still quite cute though.

    Jayedee, yep; we have two now, the second one is just waiting for the goslings to get big too. Hey: do you keep your ducks and geese together? This might be something we have to do as the ducks are such pigs.

    Alecto: Yep. Kooky country house complete with clothespole thingy. And as you can see even with 75′ of line I needed the umbrella clothesline too.

    Verde, thanks! Lots of visitors and eating. Too much of the latter, actually. Gotta love holidays.

  7. they free range the property and are never together except during feeding times. they pretty much ignore one another, even when they’re out on the ponds.

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