More fluffy cuteness

You know, they only are cute and fluffy for such a short period of time!

The typical scene.  What you are not hearing is me doing the mothering harangue.  “Honey, don’t squeeze them.  No, you should put that baby down.   Honey, he’s cheeping, he’s scared, please set him down.”

Chick complete with egg tooth

Ducklings on 11 June

and one baby on 27 June, with tree sap on his belly.

10 responses to “More fluffy cuteness

  1. The babies are so cute! And so are your children!

  2. i think the kid wins the cute contest!

  3. OMG – that’s incredible how fast they’re growing. Great perpspective picture!

  4. love that last shot — still cute even if they’re 10 times their original size. 🙂

  5. I haven’t had my peeps by tiny kids, so it seemed so amazing to see how big that duckling looks in respect to your baby. I was hoping to get some pictures of my grandson with my peeps when he visits this summer. I’m rethinking that idea. It probably wouldn’t have worked anyway, since his dad (my kid) only likes poultry processed.
    I don’t know how that happened.

  6. jumbo pekins …..(?)

  7. Big babies, and VERY cute.

    I’m very interested in following your adventure with these birds – I’m much more drawn to ducks, geese and turkeys than I am to chickens.

  8. Bobbi! Thanks, yes, we grow cute ones only around here 😉

    Yep, Shellywoman, my thought exactly (but then I have a built-in bias).

    Danni, and this weekend they grew feathers!

    Gigi, cute and noisy! What a din these little things put out.

    Pamela, we swear our girl will turn out to be something completely other than we are, like an accountant or something factual. Little kids and little birds do go together, though. She only wants them to sit: I have a completely adorable set with a turkey poult sleeping on her lap.

    WF Bite your tongue! My husband says I can’t harvest them, he loves them so. We shall see. I told him next year is the Duck Year, where we build them their own shelter and run.

    Hayden, they all have lots to recommend them. I adore chickens because I love how they talk to one another. All birds do, of course. We’ve been pretty fortunate in that we’ve never had aggressive or egg-eating chickens. I think that’s because their coop is huge and their run is huge so they don’t feel much stress in their lives. I do think though that I am a goose person!

  9. I vote with your husband. I hope he falls in love with the goslings soon; they are the best.

  10. LOL!! Just wait. In a couple of weeks they’ll outgrow your daughter, especially if they’re pekings. I grew up with ’em and people thought we had geese!! 🙂

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