On sand

putting sand on the compliant pooch

Kind of like the tomatoes being in the greenhouse until last week, our dog has kept her winter coat until just recently. The spring has been that cold. “We need to wash that dog,” we said. Which means “let’s go to the beach.”

As the crow flies, we are a mile from the shore of Lake Michigan. We are not crows, though, so must commute 3 miles to get there. Did you know that Michigan has more miles of shoreline than any other state? Any other state than Alaska, that is, that great categorical bell-curve buster. Anyway, it’s true. We’ve got lots of shoreline, lots of beautiful beaches.

It was this lake that drew me back here. I grew up on this lake; having sand at the foot of the bed was just a huge part of my childhood. I wanted it to be part of my own kid’s life, so…here we are.

Incidentally, blue heelers (which is mostly what Penny is, that, and a little neighbor dog thrown in) are not the greatest of water dogs. She’s enthusiastic, though, especially if heavy exercise is part of any project. That water Kong though is just great.

11 responses to “On sand

  1. And Penny got a massage and exfoliation for free!

  2. What wonderful photographs!

  3. That’s why my dogs are dirty; I need a lake. I knew there was a good reason.

  4. I meant to ask you about the freezer (shelf) life of the chickens you have processed. Mrs. weekendfarmer thinks its 2 weeks !!!!! We cant finish 50 chickens in 2 weeks ! How are you planning the transfer from freezer to oven : )

  5. You are so right — water and blue heelers are so not like chocolate and peanut butter.

    My own little cattle dog mix wouldn’t even get her toes wet in Lake Huron, unlike our golden who lives in it.

    Then one day she saw a bunch of ducks out on the lake and just charged right in. She swam a huge distance, enthusiastically, then came back and shook off like nothing stupendous had happened. Hasn’t done it again.


    (p.s. I think Michiganders have lake water for blood. Total necessity.)

  6. That top picture is my favorite. The lighting is gorgeous and the picture captures you guys at a perfect moment in time. You look like you’re having a blast. 🙂

  7. Did I see a really cool bandaid on somebody’s ankle??

  8. Katie, and me too! I love rubbing my feet in the sand. Ah. A couple days on the beach and I don’t ever need to pay for a pedicure!

    Thanks, TPL! The sun was setting but had just gone behind a cloud in the other ones. Nice sunset though.

    Pamela: Hah! My German shepherd loved water, and fetching things; I loved to get him wet as it helped remove his fluffy undercoat. Penny, though, loves fetching too but kind of looks at me like “really? Into the water with those waves?” But yes it cleans her up well too.

    Hi, WF: Time to get a chest freezer if you don’t have one already. Those deep things don’t vary in temperature, unlike uprights; at the bottom it’s near zero, and in that case, you can keep those chickens in there for 6-8 months. I got ours from Sears and it has both the EnergyStar label and a high rating from Consumer Reports. In fact, I need to get a second one with all this chicken plus the half pig and quarter cow we’re getting…and all those crazy frozen fruits and vegetables!

    Anne, I think Penny expends as much energy shaking her head to get the water out of her ears as she does in just fetching her toy. She HATES it, but here’s the funny thing: she is just about as excited to go to the beach as we are! Nutty dog. You are quite right about the water in our veins, though 🙂 great point.

    FGDK: Thanks! It had rained and was chilly at the house, so we were all in long sleeves and pants. Dang. Silly, as it was quite warm (water too).

    Artemisia: Thank the small gods that our kid loves Hello Kitty. On graphic value alone I cannot begin to tell you how happy that makes me. Otherwise for other kids her age it’s Dora the Explorer, the Disney Princesses, and (double ick) Barbie! Let’s just say none of those others are allowed over the threshold.

  9. I was born in Michigan and spent a great deal of time on those beaches until I was six and we left. Despite moving to the Northeast and having lots of access to sound and ocean, I have never been able to duplicate the experience or feeling of sitting in that wet sand building mud castles for hours. I still miss that lake.

    Also, my garlic has 7 leaves, not 9 and the bottom scape? is that what it’s called? is turning yellow. I want to eat them now and I’ve been grazing on bits of the leaves but I’m still not sure it’s time to take them out. Do they flower?

  10. I grew up in Baroda and Berrien Springs, so I know that part of the shoreline quite well. I do miss it. The Gulf just isn’t the same.

  11. Alecto, I knew there was a reason I liked you! As far as the scape goes, it comes out looking like the most recent leaf. But even if you don’t have scapes, if half the bottom leaves are yellowing, it might be time to dig one up and look at it.

    Jules, I know! Those 10,000 “lakes” of Minnesota didn’t cut it for me either. (no beach, except for Lk Superior’s rocky shore…hardly any sand!)

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