Birds and more birds

Baby chicks are pretty cute, but ducklings…!

7 responses to “Birds and more birds

  1. OH my! The four of them couldn’t be any cuter. Look at her smile!!

  2. pekins? did you hatch ’em? I love ducks…BUT they are such a pain to keep. I LOVE to watch them and so its worth all the water I have to carry for them and the extra cleaning their enclosure needs. I wish I had a pond….that would make my life easier.

    Good to see the princess all better now : )

  3. That is the cutest picture.
    Ducklings are great; they’re so enthusiastic and noisy.
    I have a duck now who doesn’t like me. Every day I tell him that he’s safe- no duck soup for me, but he just doesn’t believe me. Luckily, my goose loves me.

  4. my husband loves a duckling! Sadly we have been unable to get just one.

  5. Such a cute picture.

  6. Oh my gosh, that is the flippin cutest thing ever.

  7. Robin: Thanks! Ohmygosh are they adorable too. SO much more curious than chicks.

    WF: You overestimate my abilities as a farmer! Nope, these were a feed store purchase. The clerk and I were laughing a bit because we both think they’re mutts (Pekin/runner crosses) but we shall see. Yes indeed they are piggish with their water bowl. But they are very sweet. And yes the princess is doing fine! These ducks were a present for her after her checkup appointment with her doctor.

    Pamela: You are right; I am so in love. But of course they are still in the “terminally cute” stage right now. Need to get them outside in a couple of weeks to see how noisy they truly become. That’s funny about your drake. Maybe he’s just being territorial, defending his dames?

    Robin, I’m so glad to have learned that your clan has moved to the country! And different country too: wow. Are any of you from NY originally? I am quite sure ducks will be in your future, but you are right; can’t get just one as it’d be too lonely.

    Thanks, Katie! We did what we consider the Album Cover Shots of them yesterday out in the side yard: dang cute critters, I tell you. Will post later.

    Thank you Meg. Maybe when your future house happens, you will expand the critter holdings?

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