Happy Friday

Here’s to the end of a very trying week. Amongst other woes, I got a new laptop, as my six year old model is slowly giving up the ghost. Unlike a new car these things magically don’t just, you know, start working on their own. Considering I have the patience of a gnat regarding technical glitches, its arrival, and our daughter’s continued slow recovery from getting her tonsils out, have made this a week I will be glad to get behind us!

So…here’s hoping there’s a happy weekend ahead for us all.

4 responses to “Happy Friday

  1. Excuse me, but do you really count having a new laptop among your woes?
    I hope your baby’s recovery speeds along.

  2. Pamela, it’s a huge problem if it wasn’t in the cards, and I’m on deadline to boot. It wasn’t just the laptop I needed to buy, it was a $4k upgrade to the computer program that I use. That qualifies as a woe in my book! But thanks about the kid: she gets better daily but it’s a slow process.

  3. I understand totally!

  4. Hah! Believe me, I am definitely in the If It Ain’t Broke camp (thus a 6 year old laptop)! Oh and my car died today, and actually needs a tow (we put a new battery in thinking that might be the problem) and it’s, let’s see, 15 years old. Sigh!!!

    Here’s hoping for a windfall…

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