More on surprising flowers

Who knew, did you?

On Sunday I was trying to find a bit of shade in the garden. I was taking a small break from digging and had an icecream bar in one hand (an upside of having a sick kid) and my jug of water in the other. The only mildly shaded area was next to the 3′ tall horseradish so I plopped on the ground next to it. I’d walked by this spot during my usual perambulations through the garden and had thought, a couple of times, that something smelled pretty good in this area. I didn’t put more thought into it than that.

Sitting next to the source of the smell, though, I have to admit it was the horseradish flowers that smelled so good! Goodness knows I hate the stuff but its flowers were surprising. Like horseradish (of course) only sweet.

2 responses to “More on surprising flowers

  1. Here’s wishing “the kid” happy healing. No singing at the top of her lungs for a little bit. She might need a chicken hug along with her iced creams.

  2. Thanks, Shelly! She’s doing okay, but it’s a long process and she’s an antsy thing. I will say I am making more of a dent in the icecream stash than she is…

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