A minor break

Flowering rhubarb

I’ll be taking a few days off from blogging.  The kid’s getting her tonsils out today! Poor baby.  We’re making lots of frozen juicy things and hoping for the best.

I hope you all have a great, productive, dirt-filled weekend.

11 responses to “A minor break

  1. Ooooh, I hope all goes well. Kyle had his out at age 16. Younger is better. Best wishes,

  2. Good luck and give her a pat on the back from Future House.

  3. hope recovery is swift and smooth and you all get plenty of rest.

  4. My best to your baby!
    After a few days of sweet and smooth (this is based on my own experience), I predict she’ll be craving something savory — but still easy to swallow.
    See you soon.

  5. Good luck! I had mine out between 7th & 8th grades.

    Oh dern, there’s that rhubarb again! (sob)

  6. Oooh, I remember how painful it was when my throat dried out at night the first few nights following. It was terrible! I was 16, and I’d wake in tears. Be sure to keep something soothing to drink by her bed.

    I’ll think good thoughts for you both!

  7. I hope your little bird rescuer feels better soon.

  8. Hey, that’s exactly how my rhubarb looks like right now!

    I had mine out at age 7 & all I remember is that they promised me ice cream afterwards & I really didn’t feel like eating any. I think the worst will pass very quickly & she’ll bounce back to her old self fast. Young kids usually do.

    You’re a good mom getting all sorts of treats ready for her…

  9. Best wishes to the patient! Sherbet does the trick…

  10. Thanks everyone! The patient is not the most patient patient but things seem to be going well.

    Ali: Everyone I know who got their tonsils out at 16 has had horror stories. I so wish she could’ve skipped surgery altogether but then I wish GWBush wasn’t such an idiot either. Sigh.

    Kelly/Meg: Thanks! She’d love your trellises.

    Thanks, Kelly. I will say that I rested with her, all Friday afternoon. Four hours of napping, yay!

    CC: Yeah I am with you in the sweets camp: unless it has a ridiculously high content of fat accompanying it, I’m not much of a fan. Scrambled eggs are fitting the savory bill quite well…especially with some cheese.

    Jules: yeah but I need to get my rhubarb from the farmers’ market now! No fun eating the flowering stuff. Thanks though.

    Thanks, Danielle. What a bummer for you. I am not quite sure how this recovery is going to go but I do know I will probably gain a pound with all that delicious icecream around.

    Aw, thanks, Pamela. She’s chirping herself: I am so surprised by how different her voice is…

    Artemisia: I’d say the best treat thusfar was frozen grape juice pops: our grapes, our juice. Dang that’s good stuff. I hope she bounces back. She’s not much of a complainer (unlike her mother) so she’s quite the trooper.

    Philly, she doesn’t like sherbet! I think I need to keep trying more flavors out on her though 🙂

  11. Glad to hear she is doing well! Brave girl!

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