For once, wishing for average


The average last frost date in my area is the first day of May. Since we have lived here, there’s been a frost after that date, and sometimes weeks after that date. Is it time for an adjustment? Maybe it is, or at least this gardener needs to adjust her Can-Do gardening calendar.

6 responses to “For once, wishing for average

  1. I was thinking that same thing these last few years El. The LastFrostDay is all over the place and I personally am thinking that some of these garden sites need to adjust their average. I play it safe—-and extra safe this year after last years really weird frost.
    Weathers nice this year though—knock on wood 😀
    By the way—we “spring” our chicks late in the day too. They just get into too much trouble when they have their way all day long!

  2. My Mom told me this morning that she had frost. I hope my brother’s grapes are ok. On his job, he’s putting in new vinyards over by Tabor Hill so I hope none of them got hit either. I think our average last day was months ago.

  3. I grew up near Kalamazoo and remember snow on my May 8 birthday more years than one – and at least once snow with apple blossoms on that date. No good for the apples, but it was beautiful.

  4. We have found conflicting reports for our area that put us somewhere between the 13th and the 23rd. I was impatient and put out some tomatoes that were getting too big for the lights. Shame on me. It was not the frost that ate them, but the sun and wind since in my lapse of conventional wisdom I also neglected to harden them off first. I am holding off on the rest of them until next week… maybe.

  5. Ah Monica, let’s hope your weather holds for you this season! I wish you lots of nice refreshing rain (but not too much of course). I know what you mean about some garden sites. My own frost data came from the ag service: frost is a big deal here with all the fruit trees/vines depending on a nice steady spring. So, maybe I just shouldn’t pay attention. The greenhouse has been good for me as far as curbing my enthusiasm for out-of-door gardening!

    Jules, I hope the grapes are okay too. It wasn’t a killing frost; the lowest it’s gotten around here was 34*. What’s been a bummer, and I am sure your mom told you this, is it’s just not been warm at all! High maybe 60* every day. Brr. Not like where you are 😉

    Hayden: Yeah, I suppose I should take the long view on things, that, hey, the temperature has dipped for just about forever at this time of year. Snow on apple blossoms is a nice image, though!

    TS: Yep, sometimes it just pays to be lazy (or at least it does with me) and not hurry to put things in the ground. I am sure you’re just like me though so you feel you NEED to do something constructive with what little time you have. I guess what I do then is turn the compost pile and just try not to worry that the darned ground is too cold to plant my precious beans and tomatoes. That day will come!

  6. Oh yeah, I hear you! Crazy cold around here lately! That and what appears to be tornadoes on nice days!! (check out the pics on my post yesterday) Strange, strange stuff!!

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