One Local Summer 2008

Pizza on the grill last August: homemade mozzarella, crust; homegrown eggplant, garlic, onions, tomatoes and basil

For the last two summers, I have participated in this Challenge. The idea behind it is to create one completely local dinner per week, and post about it (or take pictures of it and email your regional round-up person, if you don’t have a blog). If you even have the slightest interest in the local food movement, this is a great way to get started yourself.

I will not be participating in the Challenge this year, so I won’t be rounding up for the Midwest either. The OLC Challenge host has also changed: Liz of Pocket Farm is no longer blogging, so the torch has been passed to Nicole of Farm to Philly. Please participate, should you feel the urge. It really is a great way to get a grip on your foodshed. You will push your cooking skills in new directions, and you will learn new recipes and get great ideas along the way!

The Challenge starts the last weekend in May, ends the last weekend in August. Learn more about it here.

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