On mountains of work

Here’s a perfect example of how behind I am: I haven’t had time yet to make the new greenhouse beds. Most of the leeks are destined for it, as you can see the difference between outdoor

and indoor leeks. The babies from seed were getting leggy and needed to get in the ground. Ding! it occurs to me that they can be transfered later (unlike onions they don’t hate being moved) so they’re now doing time, temporarily, crowded together in a corner of a lettuce bed.

It’s been cool lately, which has been something of a gift as far as the garden and greenhouse are concerned. Every day I spend about two hours outside doing various growth-related tasks: seeding, transplanting, mulching, weeding (which I realize doesn’t help the growth of the weed, but you know what I mean). I spend an hour before work, an hour after. And I am still behind. So the cool weather has bought me some time in terms of moving things out of the greenhouse. They get to stay in there longer until it completely warms up outside.

The cool weather has been a bad thing as far as the chicks are concerned. They are still indoors in the mini-coop and not outside in their tractor. (Today is Tractor Day: I will post about it soon.) I think I got them too early. They’re fully feathered out at four weeks. I have noticed their chests (breasts) don’t have a lot of feathers on them yet, so I worry about sticking them outside. They spend most of their times lying on those big chests of theirs, and, well, it’s been so cool so I am sure that’d chill them. So next year? I will not be in such a rush to get them.

Two hours of garden work a day sure sounds like a lot of time, I am sure, to many of you out there. The time to the task at hand is a constant thing. I have a lot of work ahead of me, but those two hours aren’t doing a great job of knocking down that mountain of work! Of course I am the only person to blame for this work… Either way, I think I need to take a day or two off of my job just to feel like I am pulling even.

And then, I will come up with another scheme, and then I will be back where I started….

4 responses to “On mountains of work

  1. Very interested in your leeks. I transplanted mine outside and they do not seem to be happy about it. They really seemed to just fade away. I’m hoping that some of them bounce back. I’m also thinking I may try another round of seeds.

  2. I used to do about 2 hrs of gardening a day and loved it – I’m so looking forward to having time for it again!

    As for your project pattern – yep, I recognize it, do the same thing. Impossible to ever catch up because another project materializes, usually well before I’m done with the prior one. I’m always playing catch-up.

  3. I’m glad to know that we’re not the only ones that take days off from work, to go home and work to catch up. It seems like at our house too, that we have a list we’re working on, and then something else comes up that goes to the top of the list, then we start all over again. We sure don’t need NEW projects, we can hardly keep up with the projects we already have. If you have a solution, PLEASE let me know! lol

  4. Hi Mia. Here’s to hoping they pulled through…though, of course, you can grow more from seed, even direct seeding. You’ll just need to keep your eye on them and transfer them instead of thinning them once they’re big enough. I did that about 2 years ago and the later ones were smaller but I could harvest them a lot later (like, April!).

    Hayden, I swear I have to pull myself out of the garden though once I get started. It’s why I put a clock where I could see it in the garden! But yes: on never ending work: isn’t it crazy? It’s like job security or something, all these harebrained ideas.

    Jules! Hah, I will definitely let you know if I can figure it out!! I haven’t even mentioned the house’s projects. So distressing: me as an architect and letting the house just sit there without overly fussing with it. That’s what happens when you have no time.

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