How this gardener spends her extra cash

The kid loves her dirt, and told me I can’t use any of the 10 yards.

“I’m planting my flower garden here,” said she.

Of all the idiotic ideas the Bush administration has foisted on our poor selves, this economic stimulus package is near the top of the stupid scale. We are borrowing money from other countries, thus adding to our deficit, to, somehow, make this recession (“rough patch”) hurt a little less on us “little folks.” We are, of course, supposed to drive to the mall and spend it. Oh, and we’re to spend some of it on gas, too, but not our defaulting mortgages.

I spent part of ours on dirt and wood for the greenhouse garden beds instead. The rest is going into the bank. It may not be stimulating the economy, but it’s stimulating me.

10 responses to “How this gardener spends her extra cash

  1. my sentiments exactly!! you took the words right out of my mouth, and i spent my cash on the same thing!! we are building a brand new chicken coop, from scratch. it definitely stimulated my boyfriend and our backyard! your chicks look great, by the way! are those araucanas? we will be getting some birds next week. i like your blog! 🙂

  2. Some of ours is going towards plane tickets–to visit my family on a trip we’ve been planning for six months, but I still feel vaguely guilty that I’m actually spending the money. Some of ours is also going towards dirt. 🙂

  3. Ours is going towards our garden, too, and then the rest in the bank.

    It’s an election year, and politicians on both sides of the aisle do really stupid things in election years. This has to be one of the worst – and the fact that all the presidential candidates endorsed the package (although I think McCain wasn’t there to vote for it) makes it even worse, IMO. 😛

  4. Umm… that was supposed to be an annoyed, ‘I’m fed up with this whole thing’ smiley.

  5. He he, I spent mine on a cow. *big cheezy grin*

    The kiddos get to theirs to spend how they please—they should be pretty good consumers. Current talk is pooling money to buy a Wii, assuming there are any in stock. I’ve been wondering all along whether Bush and Nintendo got together on this one.

  6. I’m stomping my foot, sticking my bottom lip out, giving politics a big fat “bite me” look and I’m not spending a freaking penny of it. It’s going into savings.

    I love what grocery stores are doing here. If you go in with a minimum of $300 and buy a gift card to the store they’ll add 10%. In light of the increasing price of groceries, I think they’re doing a good thing. I’d much rather see the money go into groceries – whether it be through the a garden, a cow or the local grocery.

  7. yep, good choices.

    think the politicians are ever going to get to the place where they say “suck it up, we’ve spent too much, you gotta’ pay the bills now??

    Not until we’re truly broke, I’m afraid.

  8. ha ha ha ….I am still waiting for my check…
    yes…give us the $ and we can go to the store and buy more of “made in China” products where the $ goes to China! I know I know it creates local jobs here…and I am not against a global village world (given I am a foreigner here) but where is the logic to this!

    We need a bigger solution, not just a band-aid…gas price, chicken feed price, price of hay, corn, and to move to human food ….bread, milk, rice (when available) all has gone higher…..

    loved your post ! it was funny.

  9. Seagrass: A coop is a great way to spend that cash! I am excited for you; chickens are amazingly entertaining and fun. But those chicks are our meat birds, nowhere near as pretty as Araucanas. (FWIW there are white araucanas. We had one, Maudie, who had blue/green legs, like some fashion victim or goth girl.)

    Jenny, I wouldn’t feel too bad about spending money to see family, especially if you don’t see them terribly often. But dirt is one great way, isn’t it? And topsoil ain’t dirt cheap, unfortunately.

    Harmony: there’s a smiley for being ticked off? I think that one you put in is sticking its tongue out: does that count? But yes election years seem to extend Silly Season to tiresome lengths. Don’t even get me started about a suspension of the gas tax!

    Danielle, you certainly win the prize! Let us know when she joins your merry band. How exciting. I am so glad you went with a reliable high-fat-content milker. That she is sweet is just the icing on the cake. But a Wii: wow. I am glad it’ll be a communal decision. Just make sure there are three joysticks, or whatever they’re called now…

    Robin: I wish I had the self-control to stick it all in the bank, but as you can see I have a huge soft spot for All Things Farm. That’s rather interesting about what your local grocery stores are doing. It’s been ages since we spent even anywhere near $100 at a grocery store but I guess I can see how bigger families can easily spend three times that amount; I guess, then, it’s a good thing?

    Hayden, no, they’re trying to implement things like the suspension of the gas tax. (Bite tongue: do not start teeing off on this idiocy or you’ll never stop.) Consumption is the American birthright, consumption and consumer credit! We Are What We Buy!

    WF: I always wonder about the lag time when our government implements something and then how long it takes for those “good bipartisan ideas” to take hold. Usually the lag time is so long that the law of unintended consequences catches up to it and it becomes quickly a Bad Idea. Biofuels were a way to use up some of the corn and soy we overgrow (and why we overgrow it is because we subsidize it heavily) and supposedly to take pressure off our dependence of foreign oil. Well, then comes the perfect storm of high oil prices, low dollar value, peak oil, and population growth and all of a sudden farmers aren’t growing hay or chicken feed but are growing crops to stick in the gas tank. So what if millions of people in other countries starve: we need to drive our SUVs at $2/gallon!

  10. Why do politicians think that we are stupid enough to fall for these tricks?
    Now Hillary and John are using a break in gasoline tax as a campaign tactic…….are they kidding? I am so hugely disappointed in both of them for insulting voters with such pandering.

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