On sweating

Somebody had to do it: view from the greenhouse door

Busy weekend. Aren’t they all at this time of year? Sunday, I was feeling a bit poorly due to my own overindulgence of wine at a party the night before. It was a chilly day (40s) and all my light tasks had been accomplished, so I decided to sweat a bit and dug 80′ of trench.

I spoke to an old friend later that day and told her what I had done. “Have you become a masochist now that you’re a farmer?” she asked. Nah, I said: I figured, if I felt horrible already, I may as well feel horrible and feel like I accomplished something.

So, this was Step One in getting the new greenhouse going. That perforated drain pipe is now buried in the trench to avoid winter thaw/heavy rain water issues. Now I *just* need to till the clover in, build the beds, fill the beds with grass clippings, compost and more soil, refence the area from the chickens, plant the beds and then build the greenhouse itself. A lot of work ahead, but in 3 hours on Sunday, I got the worst part finished!

And oh, I felt a lot better afterward.

9 responses to “On sweating

  1. Your pictures of the greenhouse in winter and early spring with full grown vegetables have nearly been enough to convince my wife that we *must* build one. Thank you!

  2. Excellent! oh how it’ll pay off 🙂

  3. Looks good, I hadn’t known about perforated drain pipes – that’s what makes it fun to look around at what other green bloggers are doing!

  4. I hope you celebrated your accomplishment with a cold beer!
    Good work.

  5. Oh, I like that what you call chilly (40’s), I’d call cold – but then again we don’t get your dramatic freezes! A second greenhouse – marvellous; and not much envy from me on that score ;). Farmer El – you just have to be proud of that moniker. I would be!

  6. Yay on you!

    It feels so good to move towards a goal, doesn’t it? To take that first step toward making a vision a reality. And sometimes that first step… or 80′ trench… can be the hardest to take, but once the momentum’s rolling, it all comes together.

  7. I did that a few weeks back! Got loaded, woke up hung, worked my ass off in the garden, felt better. Sitting inside would only have left me couch-bound! You GO!!

  8. TechS: Yay! My plan to take over the world via backyard greenhouses is working! No, seriously, you will love it.

    Robbyn: Yep. Already have the whole thing planted in my head!

    Verde: You know, I have known about these things forever, because I put them on my drawings as an architect…but it took me a trip to the big-box home improvement store before I said DUH this will help me out with my drainage problems. I assumed the stuff was really expensive. 100′ is $25 and my problems go away after a bit of work on my part? Well then, sign me up.

    CC: You are prescient. I don’t have a case of Bud chilling (wink) but I do move from red wine to white wine to beer as the weather heats up. So, on that schedule, I will pop my first garden brew in June.

    Nada, 40s being chilly to me are darned hot for Minnesotans and Mainers and of course our dear Canadian friends. (I call 20s cold, though.) But yeah, I’m considering the farmer thing. I’m really trying to move into the Subsistence Farmer label.

    Danielle, exactly. What’s funny was it wasn’t on my task list…it was down a ways, but it was cold out and I didn’t really want to go inside in my muddy clothes and put another layer on! Anyway, it felt pretty good to scratch it off the list. It’s still a really long list, but, well, when you get one of those large-muscle things done the rest is easy (or at least I kid myself by saying that).

    Stacie: My friend Joe is great at shrugging off the responsibility of a hangover by saying merely that “I was overserved is all,” like someone was forcing him to lift that glass to his lips. Unless I am really wiped, which pretty rarely happens now that I am older and wiser, I always like a bit of physical activity when hung: heavy-duty gardening fits the bill just great!

  9. Yes! What do they say, misery loves company?! I just did some Xmas baking today, how bout you bring some coffee over and help me lay some piping!

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