On little promises

The fig trees were quite happy to spend their winter in the greenhouse

Definitely in the category of “don’t count your chickens,” I show you the hardy figs and their promise of fruit. I got an even dozen from the two trees last year. This year? Well, maybe this is a more promising sign.

So much of gardening is wishing and hoping, don’t you think? I think anything with this many variables requires a certain amount of faith. I am grateful at every sprouted seed, at every blossom…especially things like this. Maybe I will have a harvest I can at least share with my family…and not eat ’em all myself.

3 responses to “On little promises

  1. Have you noticed how good your mood is?


  2. goodness. you’re expecting to share! when figs are the bootie, that’s extreme generosity!

  3. CC: Spring’ll do that to a girl 😉

    Hayden: they’re so cute and tiny too!

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