A little walk on a nice day

We went back to the abandoned asparagus farm on Sunday. I found one lousy 4″ asparagus: obviously, we came a bit early this year…though we are getting them out of the garden 🙂 I do love coming to this property, even if the waste of it all makes me sad. It was abandoned in 1979. The fire department torched the barn down in a controlled burn in the 90s. Now, it’s just a hundred-plus acres a half a mile from Lake Michigan that is filled with overrun orchards, vineyards, and asparagus fields; ponds, a nice spring, and land that runs from the dunes to the clay of our own home turf. Oh, if I were only a cajillionaire, I would buy it from the bank.

Above Tom’s head is where the old house was. You can see the kitchen chimney still standing. That’s the pump house to the left and an outhouse at 2:00. The barn was to the right.

Tractor shed complete with tractor!! 1950s? I am sure someone could get it to run…

Front pond with six beaver lodges. Small farmhouse and barn are across the road from our house. We almost bought this house, but it was a bit too small for us. And too mushy to garden…

And then we went home and gardened and “ate” mud pies.  (By the way, she freaked out because I really did put that spoon completely in my mouth:  “Hey!  It’s pretend!”)

5 responses to “A little walk on a nice day

  1. mmmm, mud pies! too funny!

    So much good land. So much waste.

  2. It’s sad to think of that farm being left to rot, but you should be happy that it hasn’t been turned into a subdivision of MacMansions. That’s what happens around here– “Oh, look an empty field ; let’s put a hundred ugly houses on it. We’ll cover them with beige vinyl siding and brick facades. We’ll call it Deer Meadows in honor of the deer, which will have to be violently removed to protect our nuked landscapes.”

  3. Hayden: I know, depressing. I really do have fantasies of buying the place.

    Pamela: Okay, if that were the alternative, then no thanks! I am close enough to a bigger town I see enough of those things. Luckily, I tend not to build any of those things 🙂

  4. Pictures! How awesome! Especially since one is of you eating mud pies. Yum.

    It’s been interesting to hear you talk about this property.

    Keep up the excellent blogging.

  5. Katie, you know, I think this is the first photo of myself on the blog. (I think there’s one more but it’s from the back.) I guess I like being somewhat anonymous…that, and I hate having my photo taken, even if my husband IS a photographer! But yes, that property and old house do loom large in my mind. Imagine refurbishing 100+ acres! I’m pulling my hair out with just 5!

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