Of earthquakes and aftershocks

I’ve mentioned before how Michigan is one of the few states in this country that is not exactly prone to natural disasters. We’re kind of outside the twister/hurricane belt, most of our rivers drain just fine, our forests don’t burn with extreme regularity, and we’re not exactly expecting any of our Great lakes to breach their shores any time soon. No parching heat waves. No mudslides, no hail storms, no ice downing the trees and telephone lines. I suppose we get our share of snow. But we’re used to snow. It’s kind of an uninteresting place, if you’re itchy for a disaster.

This morning, though, there was a small earthquake in Illinois that was felt in our little corner of SW Michigan, and was felt many miles beyond. And, about two hours ago, there was an aftershock.

Did I feel either? No, I did not. Was our phone ringing off the hook, and is it the only thing people can talk about today? Why, yes!

So now I am on heightened alert, wondering if I’ll experience that shifting sensation of plate tectonics. If for no other reason, it gives me something to talk about…and think about. A stable earth is something we all kind of take for granted.

5 responses to “Of earthquakes and aftershocks

  1. Being right here in Il it was a pretty big news story. Did I feel it? Nope! I slept right on thru it….I must have been really tired. Or else I just figured it was one of the many trains that run right thru our small town. The last one I remember being aware of was about 8-10 yrs ago. It was also during normal sleeping hours. And it did wake me. I was kinda out if it, but still knew something was going on that wasnt quite right. It was strange.

  2. Growing up in the Ring of Fire (cue music) I have had my fair share of quakes and aftershocks. For folks in the Pacific and So. Cal, it is hardly news worthy. But I admit that I was slightly more interested in a Midwest shaker. Not interested enough to call anyone, or mention it to coworkers, but interested enough to look it up on Google news. And to find that there really was not much to say about it. Not even some alarmist tripe about “what it means”. Oh well. Let me know when bridges collapse and huge rifts open in the middle of roads in Kansas or Ontario. That would be interesting.

  3. Pennsylvania is another of those disaster-resistant states, and I gotta say, I appreciate that. We had a slight earthquake a few years ago and though I slept right through it, it was weird knowing that it had happened.

  4. Your earthquake hit on the anniversary of our “big” one in 1906 – when San Francisco burned. I was so surprised to see the news this morning – didn’t expect it in the midwest either.

  5. I’m in IL too & felt nothing. I was kinda surprised people felt it states away. I’m a little disappointed. :/

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