Some answers to your questions

1. Like chicken, only better (richer)

2. Braised in a huge dutch oven for 2 hours at 375* on a bed of leeks, dried/fresh herbs, white wine and veg stock; he was still kind of tough; lots of breast meat

3. I am not that good at plucking. Then again, I hate shelling peas and beans too: I think it’s the time required, not the task at hand

4. Tom wanted nothing to do with it but the eating. At one time he yelled down from his upstairs window: “Is it safe yet?”

5. The guineas can still count. The three hens are bemoaning the loss of their leader and are still calling despondently.  I hope their small brains can forget

6. The other chickens, however, are very happy!

7.  I don’t think I have ever worked so hard for a meal

8 responses to “Some answers to your questions

  1. Roasted guinea – my favorite. If I’d a known I’d a driven over for dinner. BTW – no info on the slaughter itself. Did you wring his neck or just chop his head off?

  2. Teem, I was trying to keep it gore-free for my more sensitive readers. I made a modified killing cone out of a milk jug and used my fish fillet knife.

  3. How did your daughter react?

    Might caponizing male gunieas in the future solve this problem? Not that I want to learn to do that job, but the chicken manual makes it seem possible!


  4. Ali, I am sure caponizing them might solve ONE problem, but it brings with it a couple more: you mentioned the biggest one (ick). I really just don’t think they’re domesticated enough to really be worthwhile yard birds. On noise alone…

    And my daughter was a little sad. She wasn’t here at the time but she knew it was coming. She knows it’s going to happen to the chicks too. But she still has her lap birds so she has enough feathered friends!

  5. Poor guinea girls. I think you need a warning code when a dead poultry post is coming. How about this– go away Pamela.

  6. p.s. I’ll be back tomorrow;this site (except for dead poultry days) is great fun.

  7. Sorry Pamela!!!! Really. I was trying to be as ick-free as possible! I don’t intend to do it again for a while…but I will be really sure to post a warning to you first 🙂

    (and remember I was a vegetarian for 16 years until last October)

  8. oh good! Someone else has a husband afraid of whole birds. Mine hangs out in the next room whenever I roast a chicken and can’t even look at the bird until I’ve cut off the breast for him.

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