On antsiness

Getting muddy is a family affair

I am remembering back to the oh-so-long-ago autumn we had: winter didn’t come quickly. Winter likewise isn’t losing its grip either, and I swear spring is going to pass us by!

I am so fidgety and willing, now, to dig, to get dirty. I think it is the sunshine, though I suppose I could simply be overcaffeinated. I cannot concentrate on work (paid work, that is: I am concentrating just fine with all the outdoor, farm-related tasks ahead of me). I try to tell myself that this happens every year.

But I think back to October and my unhurried stance at preparing for Winter’s heavy hand. About a week ago I was in exactly that frame of mind (that is, Slugville) but now? Can’t I just, you know, take a week off and dig?

What’s great about this feeling is that I know tonight I will collapse with exhaustion into bed. The chicks are coming, which require cleanup in the potting shed. The trees have been ordered: we can pick them up any time at all. I have 200′ of perforated drain pipe to help keep the main garden and new greenhouse area the relative islands of greenery they shall be. The greenhouse needs its roll-up side installed. In other words, it is Spring, or near enough; it is time to get busy.

5 responses to “On antsiness

  1. How lucky are we to have this kind of busy. I love winter, but I’ve been anxious for gardening for weeks now. Hurray, it’s here.

  2. I miss the turn from winter to spring. Here the narsissus emerge in December, just as the weather gets cold and nasty. Then there is a long season of rain – some warmish days but you can’t garden because the ground is sodden – difficult to realize when finally it’s ok – and by then the ferver about planting has ebbed. I’m realizing that I will enjoy a return to the kind of seasonality I grew up with.

  3. Woo hoo! I am also exhausted tonight from a long day in the gardne, cleaning up. We had snow early here, so lots got burried and forgotten. Now spring has sprung late, and there is so much to do!!! I love the boot photo, so cute… I wish they made the pink ones in my size.

  4. I have those same boots and love them! The blue ones- not the pink kitties.
    My husband never fails to comment about me wearing them everywhere- all the time. When we are going somewhere that would involve good- not play – clothes, He asks that I leave the boots at home…Come on honey. I think they would look great with my slinky black dress. I’ll even wash the mud and hay off before we go”!
    My daily attire lately is the blue boots, blue jeans with the cuffs tucked in and my dark green zip up angora yarn sweater (with a kickin’ hood). Bought the same day as the boots…
    The boots get switched out for flip flops on the warm days. Spring is here and the flops are peeking around.

  5. Pamela, I couldn’t agree more. I love feeling my muscles again. Sure, schlepping feed sacks and straw bales in the winter does it, but it’s just not the same as an afternoon spent digging.

    Hayden, you know I think that narcissus in December is just WRONG. I wouldn’t last long without snow, I think!

    Stacie, she’s had all kinds of cute boots, and I am stuck with the blue ones. She’s a fool for kitties, though, so these were quite a find. But yeah, doesn’t it feel great to get out there and clean things up?

    Tammie, after I realized my usual boots (which come slightly above my ankles) were so very inadequate to the Mud of Spring, I went to the feed store and found these lovelies. Cheap, too, like $14 or so. But they are great, don’t you think? Who needs black pointy-heeled boots if you’re a homesteader, huh? (Oh and I must tell you all about my bibb overalls. Maybe another post. I have definitely gone off the deep end: my city friends wouldn’t recognize me I swear.)

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