On gratitude

Rosemary in the greenhouse
I worked in the greenhouse quite a bit this weekend. Sometimes, the child helped. Sometimes, the husband helped. I looked up at one point and thought: this stupid tunnel of plastic and metal, wood and dirt, makes me so happy.

7 responses to “On gratitude

  1. I’m envious. I’ve been waiting and waiting for the snow in my backyard to melt so I can start working on the new garden plot. After today and the rain we’re supposed to get I’m on my way finally. Soil sampling/testing here we come! 🙂

    Keep up the good work. Love your blog. I need to keep my own more up to date.


  2. Makes perfect sense to me. I put in 5 blueberry bushes this weekend. Not a big effort, but…. seeing the tiny, pale green leaves is a joy.

  3. You need it.
    I’m happy for you.

  4. Oh I love those moments with the family working together outdoors. Glad you had a happy weekend El.

  5. Jason: Hey, welcome. I think it’s a really exciting time to start gardens and green lifestyles: now, at least, you’ve got a lot of company!

    Hayden: green leaves? (We’re so far away from that…)

    CC: I swear I could spend my whole day in there. Hmm: I never tested to see if my wireless innanets go out that far: I know I get a signal in the chicken coop (don’t ask).

    Stacie: Yep!

    Angie: Thanks! I did have a bit of family fun. Although it IS supposed to be cold the next 16 days…argh, well, looks like we’ll only be working in the greenhouse then.

  6. Oh… you broke my heart here with this post. Your greenhouse is a simple structure, but it holds your heart and your hopes and so much of your good work.

    I don’t have a greenhouse, but I relate.

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