On waiting


Frosty chervil in the garden this a.m.

St. Patrick’s Day is the traditional day around here to go out into the garden and plant one’s peas and potatoes. I took a tour of the garden this morning just to…I don’t know, pick a scab?…assess if I could actually plant anything out there in six days. I think the answer is “Nope.”

Granted, having a greenhouse takes the pressure off somewhat, as I am now able to satisfy my digging urge year-round. And then there are all those adorable little seedlings downstairs too; that is also “gardening.” But outside, really outside, in the garden itself? I’ve gotta sit on my hands a long time yet.

4 responses to “On waiting

  1. Hmmm, I’d never heard of the St. Patrick’s Day tradition. Here in Maine we say plant your peas on tax day, eat them on the Fourth of July.

    Although that has never worked for me. Last year our garden was flooded on April 16 by a huge nor’easter. In previous years, the peas succumbed to a mystery pest — our Golden Retriever. Now the garden is fenced-in.

  2. Out here on the west coast, our peas are already in the ground…well, that is, my step-dad’s are. He planted his last week! I prepared my bed over the weekend and will go pop the seed babies in today or tomorrow. I’m being rather risky, though…no fence is in place yet. The peas biggest threat here, other than torrential rain, is DEER.

  3. Ali and Farmgirl: I had to edit to say “around here” because, well, these things can vary!

    Ali: Well, I hope you’ve got no big golden pest in your peas, or feathered ones either, come to think of it. I have to fend off both my kid and my cat for our peas. But that’s only after I have shelled them…but yes, it’s often too wet to do a thing here either!

    Farmgirl: Only this year have i ever seen those hoofed pests anywhere near our garden. And yes, I have a fence around it; it stops chickens just fine but it’s too short for deer. Luckily, there’s lots of other things out there for them to eat. Or at least that’s what I’m banking on!

  4. I live in Idaho, and the only time I have every planted is after Mother’s Day, or when the snow’s off Schaffer’s Butte, but that would be hard for you to know, wouldn’t it? Although I can see that butte, I go with Mother’s Day and plant on that very day. I have never, ever been able to get peas to sprout, so this year, St Pattie’s Day it is! So glad I stopped by to read this morning.

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