On greenhouse pests


A little picture of a little death

The only pest I had in the greenhouse, until this week, was my four-year-old. She loves to come in and sample the broccoli and bibb lettuces. I raised the latch and stopped her from her raids.

I noticed that a whole row of Italian dandelion was mowed to the ground, and a little nest made, in one bed on Wednesday. Aack! A vole! I had done my level best to prevent their entry, these fat, short-tailed mouse relatives. So, out came the traps, baited with exotic things like strawberry jam, bread, and chunks of peach.

I lost another 5 rows of seedlings (sniff!) but today I also lost one vole.

6 responses to “On greenhouse pests

  1. hurrah! I like most critters, but I draw the line at rodents.

    they have a place in the universe, I’ll grant that. It’s just not anywhere near my place.

  2. When the voles take over, they can set traps for us! (Fair’s fair.)

  3. Can’t miss with reeses peanut butter cups for bait…

  4. Interestingly enough, Eliot Coleman recommends no bait traps, as the critters eventually learn to associate bait with death. He designed box traps for voles that just offer an attractive, dark hole that smells like vole. Though I imagine reeses would be mighty attractive. 😉

    Here’s a link. Scroll down to get to the vole traps.

  5. Hayden: Yep, I draw the line too. And so does my dog and my chickens, though they actually eat them (ick).

    CC: Exactamundo!

    Woody: Huh! Even I would go for a trap baited with that…

    Danielle: Very interesting! Thanks! Of course, I would like to stop the voles at Vole #1 so no lessons CAN be learned. As it is, there are now so many darned traps in there that I trip them when I pull the Reemay off (it’s so sunny now that I actually need to remove it or the babies get a little too toasty) or just plain walk around in there. SNAP! So whether they’re attracted to the bait or are just in the wrong place, who knows! But I am curious: have you guys had any problems in your tunnel with voles?

  6. Not yet, but we have 5 barn cats, and the garden’s really close to the barn. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. A friend of ours down the road has either voles or rats, so I’ve been keeping my eye open for possible solutions to send her way.

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