The kindest cut


Oh mercy

One heartbreaking thing about seed-starting is those cute little green babies are just crying out for your love and care.

I say, get out the scissors.

Seriously: if you sow more than one seed per pot, you’ll need to thin them out to ensure that someone has the best opportunity for growth. You might be tempted to pull out the weaklings, but stop yourself. Their roots are most likely intertwined, and you’ll damage the survivor. So just give the to-be-thinned ones a snip!

And then, of course, you can eat them. (Maybe not the tomatoes, though.)

I tend to oversow old seed, like these Early Purple Sprouting broccoli pictured above.  I will let the spared few get another inch taller before I transplant them into bigger pots…or into the greenhouse itself.  (These guys can take the cold nights in the greenhouse.)

Another seedling tip:  I use water from my edible sprouts to water them.  No sense in letting those nutrients go down the drain.  What, you’re not woo-woo enough to grow your own sprouts?  Then use the water you used to steam your veggies or soak your beans!  Dilute it 2:1 first, though.

6 responses to “The kindest cut

  1. Good tip. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I love growing herbs in the window or sunny kitchen area.

    They are so nice to have around for cooking!

  3. Those sprouts are looking good, sounds like they should be in good shape when you transplant them to their final destination.

  4. Great tip. I usualy pull the litle plants out. I will start the “get out the scissors and snip them away” aproach 🙂

  5. I actually pulled out my extra seedlings last year and repotted them and they did wonderfully!!! Although..I then had way more plants than I needed!! 🙂

  6. I’m glad you all liked the tips, and hey, look at these new people! That always makes me happy.

    Nada: I suppose these are tips for next year 😉 ?

    Sharona May: Oh, windowside herbs! As it is, I have back-door herbs that the chickens love as much as me…

    Ken: I think they look…edible! But thanks.

    Gintoino: It seems really cruel at first but…well, they can’t survive it so it’s at least quick.

    Angie: I always start out gardening life with too many, even if I give away a lot of them! But yes, it’s a fun kind of bounty, isn’t it? Just build another raised bed!

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