Birds at the feeders

I don’t think Pauline counts as a wild bird.

6 responses to “Birds at the feeders

  1. lol! Damn chickens.

  2. LOVe the chick-pic from below post!! Your chickens crack me up!!

  3. Hey! I’m from Michigan, too. Love your website and your philosophy.

  4. Meg, yeah, the buggers have figured their way out of the batting cage. Though skinny Pauline (she’s a Leghorn) tended to fly right over.

    Stacie: And you thought kids were funny! Woot: Poultry!

    Buona sera, pittura! If ever you’re out thisaway, I will gladly give you some fresh farm eggs!

  5. El:
    Hey, I actually wrote a post last month called “The Dreaded Grocery Store Egg”. I usually buy farm fresh eggs and my source had none the whole month of February and I was bummed.. Eggs really are my favorite food. I get all my meat from Creswick! I have them listed on my site! Ciao!

  6. aw, I need chickens…just gotta find someone who wants eggs since we only use a couple per week at most.

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