Mud Season has begun


Snow is still more picturesque than mud

So Saturday I stepped outside into the sunshine and said, Wow, it smells like spring! It was still chilly, and still so much snow on the ground that the chickens were despondently digging up their coop floor to meet their need to scratch.

Sunday, I stepped outside into the sunshine and said, Darn, it smells like spring! and I spent the day watching things readily melt. Bye-bye igloo. Hello 90* weather in the greenhouse.

Monday morning, it’s 50* and pouring. I had to turn on the air conditioning in the car to defog it enough to see. I needed my wellies just to get to the garage.

Not that I am complaining about spring’s rushed arrival; I really am not. I’d prefer, though, a less jarring transition. (Now watch: we’ll get a blizzard next week.)

3 responses to “Mud Season has begun

  1. Mmmmmm….90 degrees!

  2. oh yeah, you’ll definitely get a blizzard now. (you should never say such things out loud!! 😉

  3. Kim, it’s just wonderful stepping inside and sweating. The kid and I had a fun time digging in there this weekend, though she was complaining about the heat!

    Angie, yeah, I knew I would be in for some cosmic leveling if I made that statement. We did get spared from yesterday’s storm, though I am sure you didn’t!

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