When life hands you lemons

Okay, maybe not lemons, but how about a lot of snow? We’ve endured a minimum of one snow day from school a week for the last 5 weeks. We’ve had a LOT of snow this year. It makes one a little stircrazy. So, this is my husband’s answer:




So then I asked my daughter to model the greens I had just pulled out of the greenhouse, as a point of incongruity:


but I did not ask her to eat them (yet). And we’re, what, 22 days from spring?

8 responses to “When life hands you lemons

  1. That’s fantastic! I always wanted an igloo like that growing up but was never able to build one. (No shovel was probably part of it.)

  2. Mmmm…. my kingdom for a big bowl of greens!

    Someday. šŸ™‚

  3. don’t hate on me…….but……….i am truly envious of your snow!

  4. Ok, that is just the coolest igloo ever. Your daughter has a wonderful grin – what fun. These are the things wonderful memories are made of!
    And what a good girl for eating her lettuce! šŸ™‚


    that’s awesome, and I do not envy you your snow (since there’s plenty over here on the other side of the lake)! why do we live in the midwest again? we should be growing tomatoes somewhere… all the time…

  6. I love the pic of your daughter eating the greens! The igloo is cool. 8-16″ more snow coming today. At least it’s on the weekend and not interfering with school this time.

  7. Everyone: Hah! Isn’t it cool? Oops I mean fun? What I like is that you go in there and it’s like being inside a seashell: noise is so dampened down.

    The kid loves greens (another imperative to grow them) so I guess we’re fortunate. I have left off having her come with me to the greenhouse because she tends to eat all the broccoli and pull up the greens.

    Temperatures are predicted to be near the normal highs for this time of year (40s) so we’ll see how long this fun mountain lasts. We’ve gotten another 6-8″ since these pics were taken, though!

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