Snow-blind and housebound


Trusty Tom sharpens up my trusty Felco #8

Yes, I claim I love living a life indoors but really I was just kidding myself. I really like being outdoors. And lucky for me, I got outside a lot this weekend.

It’s a ways off yet, spring and the outdoor growing season, but we’ve had a few days of sunshine, which means sap’s rising out there on the grapevines and fruit trees. Time to get out the pruners and do this year’s trimming. This year I am taking (love her. love her husband.) Barbara Damrosch’s advice this week and am using the longer tree clippings for pea vine supports. Can I tell you how much I hate hanging twine for the peas? I do it every year but it makes me slightly crazy.


Meet my nemesis: the Tree of Pain. I think I will have plenty of pea stakes now.


I have plenty of grapevines now for crafting projects (not)


Another tree, in better shape, and the best for climbing (note budding naturalist observing some wildlife)

2 responses to “Snow-blind and housebound

  1. I used tree trimmings (not from apple trees, as those are at the old, unoccupied, unsold house in the boonies) to make a thicket sort of thing to run my peas up last year and it worked like a charm! And looked so charming!

  2. We pruned our some of apple trees a few weeks ago, too. Maybe we’ll try using them in the garden instead of for woodstone kindling as we usually do. The thicker chunks make great chicken roosts!


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