On leeks


Leeksickles, complete with wormy roots

Leeks are known as the Poor Man’s Asparagus. Considering asparagus grows along the roadsides of my corner of the world, even poor men can have asparagus. But leeks? I tried nearly in vain to find organic leeks when we first moved here, and when I did find them, they were $8 a pound. As far as I was concerned, leeks were the Rich Man’s Onions.

Luckily, and unlike onions, I seem to have the knack of growing leeks. At this time of the year, I only need to find my garden fork, go into the frozen garden, and dig up some frozen leeks. With a bit of work, and a bit of patience, I am well rewarded. I even feel rich.

6 responses to “On leeks

  1. Yum. We totally failed on leeks last year but have vowed to try again. Do we plant them early, like onions?

  2. Leeksickles! Hee hee. Mine didn’t freeze, but they lasted through the winter rains.

    I hate to bother you during your farmy reveries, but I’ve tagged you at I’m Mad and I Eat.

  3. I’ve had a great experience with leeks. They’ve reseeded and had babies too. I pull them throughout the winter as I need them. One of the best discoveries, ever!

  4. This is my first time visiting your new site. Loverly!

  5. Meg: You can plant them early, like onions, but I usually let mine grow a bit. They’re doomed to be in the ground for a very long time so there’s kind of no rush like onions. Good luck.

    Cookiecrumb: Oy! (smacks forehead dramatically). I like the sordid aspect, though.

    Laurie: Wow, they reseeded themselves? That’s dedication. Me, I just let them bloom then save the seeds. But yep, aren’t they great?

    Jane Marie: Hey Piana Nanna! Our kid is now taking lessons (as she just turned 4). Glad you found me, and back at you…sometimes change is good.

  6. Wow, great to hear! I love things that reseed, LOL! Egyptian walking onions are a favorite of my garden out here.

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