On the love of a life indoors


Homemade stuff with cocoa mustache

One thing we have done to keep our lives sane is give up our computers on Sundays. This is hard, as both of us make our money through these things.

This is what is different about a December-March weekend versus one spent at any other time of the year: we unabashedly (resignedly?) spend it indoors. It would only be on a January Sunday you’d ever, say, find me ironing linens. Likewise, the loom never comes out during the warmer months, but now? Now we’ve got rag rugs on our minds, and on the loom. Making Play-doh is also a fun cold-weather activity, though Play-doh is played with all year.

The only thing I don’t particularly like is doing laundry in the winter. The dryer is still unplugged, so the basement becomes practically unnavigable, such is the drape of the sails of sheets, towels, unmentionables. Ah, here’s one instance in which I long for spring: drying the clothes on the line in the sun.

The dough rises in its bowl, the bones from last night’s chicken are simmering in the stockpot, and I really should clean the upstairs bathroom.

6 responses to “On the love of a life indoors

  1. Ah….and with the chill and lots of rain, you are describing my summer…sigh! For summer, too much time indoors. Not really digging that!

    Your little one looks very sweet.

  2. “The dough rises in its bowl, the bones from last night’s chicken are simmering in the stockpot,”

    that phrase evokes a perfect winter day…. particularly having removed the bit about cleaning!

  3. I kind of like the excuse to hang out in the house–for a little while, before we start to get antsy.

    No computers on Sundays. Hmmm. That sounds like a worthwhile project. We’d have to make a blog-posting exception, of course, since we’ve got a self-imposed every day thing going on, but I think I would end up enjoying the extra hanging out or reading time.

  4. I so wish I could hang the laundry in the cellar, but it’s much too old and scary and damp for that. Until plowing season is over, I’ll sadly be using the dryer for heavier things (I have an awesome drying rack for socks and underthings, though).

  5. Nada: I still get such a charge seeing your garden when mine is just a dream in my head. Yuck, though, for you. You’re describing my last August. Nothing I could do but watch things die. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

    Hayden: I didn’t want to lead you all on that I live in some kind of idyll. I draw the line on cleaning the litterbox, though. It was a small battle.

    Meg: Oh, but we do make the no-blog exception on Sundays. It is just nice knowing I get a vacation day from this thing, too. Yes, supposedly they make our lives better, but…I don’t know. Too much access is not a good thing. But then again, only 3 people know my cell phone number, and we unplugged cable, so maybe we were already going down this path.

    Liz: Well, you know, you ARE sitting atop a bunch of cheap square feet! So many of the old farmhouses around here are advertised as having “Michigan basements,” which means they were afterthoughts. Instead of underpinning the existing frost-depth foundations, the homeowners dug down from them: there’s a 2-3′ deep shelf going all the way around the basement, and then it steps down another couple of feet. You guys could do it. It wouldn’t be as sexy as your barn, but…you’d be able to hang your laundry and maybe even store some canned goods down there if you insulate your walls enough. (Okay, I am taking off my architect hat now.)

  6. What a cutie!

    I gave up my computer after Sunday at noon a while back but then fell off the wagon. Thanks for reminding me. I think I’ll need to try that again as part of my new slow lifestyle.

    Robin at Bumblebee

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