Another greenhouse post


If I were running for president, the top of my list of priorities to tackle would include global warming, the stupid wars, health care, education, the deficit…and our effed-up food system. Had I that bully pulpit, I would preach the wonders of Dirt and Worms and Compost; Home-Grown Vegetables and Sun-Warmed Fruit. I would love to see a garden on every property, a greenhouse in every back yard. But my pulpit is small. So instead I’m making greenhouse postings for the benefit of some of you to bookmark for later use. There are plenty of you out there, I know, who have a greenhouse, cold frame, polytunnel, etc., on your wish list. So here is another little post about mine.

It’s the beginning of February and I am itchy to dig. I do have some thawed ground in the greenhouse I could push around. The eighth and final bed has not been made (the wood framing that is: the dirt is there). Maybe that’s where I should begin, and even plant some seeds in it too.

As it is now, I have been using it for a dumping ground. Sheet composting, I suppose this could be called, but in reality, I was just lazy (and thus call it Sh*t composting). When I trim the leeks or remove spent leaves off of the other plants, the junk goes atop this eighth pile. (The compost is some 20 steps outside the door to prove how lazy I have been.) My point in mentioning all this is, well, look at this pile. Unlike in your regular gardens, the cool damp air in the greenhouse keeps this stuff from rotting! It’s kind of distressing, actually.

This is what I mean by distressing. Like all seeds, weeds also pop up in the greenhouse beds, and I will pull them out and dump them on the path as is my outside habit. Come back a week or two later and those little grass blobs or weedlings are still on the path! And occasionally they’ll have rooted themselves. Hmm.

All I am saying is greenhouse gardening is really different, in some rather unexpected ways.

3 responses to “Another greenhouse post

  1. Not just the back yard – I’d like to see every front yard filled with manicured grass dug up, chemicals stopped forever, and a food garden put in! Lets make it visible!

  2. Huh. This is interesting to know!

  3. Hayden: I drive around, see lots of grass, and always think “what a lost opportunity.”

    Jenny: It is weird, I tell you. I will go and pick up the grass blobs in the path and realize that they didn’t grow there: they were thrown there and are still alive. Sigh.

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