Winter is still here

We seem to have been having the “normal” amount of snowfall this winter.  I love snow so this is good news to me.  What is kind of icky is, every week, it gets into the mid-40s, so any snow we get goes away…or goes sloshy.

The other day we had an ice storm before it decided to turn to snow.  Penny the Overactive Blue Heeler and I went for a walk on the property to see what we could see.


Ice on a maple branch


Fox and rabbit tracks


Some ice-burdened, droopy pines

6 responses to “Winter is still here

  1. Our cedar trees are still bent over from last years ice storm. I thought that they would bounce back with a wet spring and normal summer, but our summer was very dry.

  2. Great pics, El! We’ve had a bit of the same: melting, ice, snow again. It’s good to see winter.

  3. At least it’s having the decency to cover back up with snow after a thaw. A blanket of fresh snow helps keep the spring fever from setting in too badly….

  4. Lovely pictures of snow and ice.

  5. I love the photo of the rabbit and fox tracks. It would be a great cue for a creative writing class. I wonder how the photo ended.

  6. Woody: (Hi!) Yeah, some of our cedars are still looking a bit bendy from last year’s storms too. Such strange weather. Ice isn’t normally a part of the mix here.

    Liz: Yeah, finally there’s enough of the white stuff (without it melting first that is) that I could get the skis out and slush around.

    Emily: When I moved to Chicago after college, I was so distressed by the gray icy cold-ness that comes with living on the wrong side of the lake! Even if it’s gray here it’s bright. I LOVE snow.

    Nada: Oh boy. Lots of it. SO different from your summer today, certainly!

    Kelly: Go for it. We followed the fox tracks for a while. It was definitely in a trot. And the darned bunnies are everywhere so hopefully it helped itself to one.

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