We’ve got them! This is a week’s worth of hoarding for us. We had a big celebration for a little girl (she’s now four) and that meant brunch for lots of people on Sunday. Oh, and eight of these beauties went into the birthday cake.

Phyllis, she of the hawk attack, is obviously laying again: hers are the pretty greenish eggs. She’s an Ameraucana mix.

And oh, the poor things: today’s another day where I’m so happy I insisted on building the girls a large coop…it’s 9* out and they SO do not want to go outside into the ice and snow and howling winds.  And again I am so glad I was too lazy to put a concrete floor in there for them!  I dug up some of the bedding (there’s about a foot of the stuff in there) for them to scratch the ground inside their coop.  It keeps them happy even though they’re quite literally cooped up today.

10 responses to “Eggs?

  1. Lucky! I’ve got a bunch of freeloading hens here. Of course I wouldn’t lay an egg if it was 20 below, either, I guess. A nice eggy cake sounds wonderful!

  2. Oh El! You have as many eggs as we do! As I always say…..Make angel food cake and pudding! Yum!

  3. Green Eggs! Your post today was followed in my RSS Reader by this post on National Geographic about a hen that lays green eggs in Mexico. Oh, and I had ham for dinner, making for an odd coincidence.

  4. Hi Kelli! I think your girls are just trying to keep warm! It takes a lot of energy to make an egg. But who knows? Maybe they’re just hiding them from you!

    Monica! I am a new-found fan of homemade custard. (Dang, anything where the ratio of eggs to milk is 50:50 or higher is fine in my book.) I hope you’re taking some girls where you are going…and dang, I would take some sheep off your hands if I had a fence! But angel food cake. I had my first at 38. Isn’t that funny?

    Jack: That is just so strange. But so was Mr. Geisel, so I suppose it’s fitting, right? I hope, at least, your ham wasn’t green.

  5. I’m so jealous (and can’t wait to get some hens of my own)! The ducks are still on vacation until closer to the equinox.

    Happy birthday to the kid! What kind of cake did she get?

  6. Liz: can’t wait to read up on your egg-y chicken ventures! I think they’re very fun, but you knew that already. I think the perfect number of birds is 4; they’d keep the two of you swimming in eggs. We have 7 and you see what this does… The other secret is always having young birds around. This spring I will probably get 3 more girls. (Oh and the meat chickens too but they don’t count.) Anyway, last year at this time we only had 3 girls and one has never been the best layer so every egg was super precious.

    And the kid got a yellow cake (butter cake) in the shape of Hello Kitty. It was a layer cake with my strawberry jam as one of the frostings. It was good! I wonder if I can ever get Tom to make me a beet cake though 🙂

  7. Woohoo! Eggs! Having chickens of your own must be the coolest thing ever….

    Katie at GardenPunks

  8. Those look wonderful! I get eggs that color sometimes from our Egg Lady. Yum-my!

  9. It’s so nice to be able to grow your own things!! I live in Singapore and we have no space to grow anything.
    Cool place you have!

  10. Katie: well, I think they’re very funny on their own, but then they give us eggs too! Woo-hoo!

    Jules: Now you know. An Araucana or an Ameraucana was the culprit.

    Ahyu: Thanks for stopping by! I am always very thankful for what I have. Knowing what I have, too, makes me want to maximize its potential…within reason, of course. But it is nice to have a patch of land to call one’s own.

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