Oi! Help me find my greenhouse!


We got slammed with a lot of snow yesterday…maybe 16″ total.  I took this at 2:30 and we were expecting another 6″. Life in the snowbelt! We didn’t even expect this!

I had to dig out the chickens twice.


Verloe says “Help! We’re stuck in the condo!”

4 responses to “Oi! Help me find my greenhouse!

  1. Wow! I’m glad it didn’t collapse on you with all that weight! What kind of frame do you have that holds up to such a load?

    Our last snow, I was out knocking off the snow about every hour to avoid collapse. Friends bought a Farmtek greenhouse last year that collapsed under snow weight and Farmtek refused to replace it, saying it was only a three season.

  2. How’s the new batting cage for the chickens holding up?

  3. Hi Danielle: it’s a steel-framed number (tubes are 1 5/8″ dia.) that I got from a place called Grower’s Solution…here’s the link for the greenhouse we got. I was very pleased with it because of the strength of the tubes. My only worry (yes snow IS heavy) is the drifting off the building it butts into. I was actually walking out there to get the snow off of it…for my plants, though! I wasn’t worried about it collapsing.

    Kelly: Hah! This snow fell right through the netting so they were fine. But they are snow wimps though and really appreciate a path swept for them. Otherwise, they fly…which is also really funny to see.

  4. Jeepers! I am glad you’re greenhouse survived the weight, that is great advertising as far as I’m concerned. Have fun digging out…. and don’t send that storm my way!

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