Another art post


Knockout, 2006

Knockout (2006: 24×20 c-print) courtesy

All you all in Dallas (or environs) on Thursday the 10th to, well, until Feb. 16th, go see my hubby’s show at Light & Sie gallery!

The opening is Thursday, and Tom will be there. (Me? I’m watching the chickens.) This new gallery is really very cool, and this will be a fairly big display of his work. He’ll also be around town for a few days signing his new book.

4 responses to “Another art post

  1. Best of luck to Tom on his book signing. Too bad you can’t go with him and enjoy the glory as well. I did see his book in a design book my husband was looking through.

  2. Bri, that’s cool! I actually could’ve gone along, but…well, I am holding out for a transatlantic art junket with him later in the year. But don’t get me wrong I LOVE Dallas!!

    Oh, and by the way all: I don’t necessarily need (or want) to be shilling for the hubby…it’s just, well, he was in Minneapolis lately and, because I didn’t mention it on the blog, somebody didn’t know he was in town, and was upset he missed him! How funny. So now I need to make a point of it here. (Yes I am expecting a commission, don’t worry.)

  3. new fan of your site.

    love your husband’s work! i’m just outside of austin. i’ll give it my best shot to see his exhibit. i dig the emphasis on action and movement in the cutouts.

    and you get to be with the chickens. well that’s not too bad. don’t have any yet. someday dreaming…

    cheers to the all of ya!

  4. When I first looked a few months ago, there was a full rigged ship on a dictionary or some other sort of book (I did some googling, and the Joseph Bellows website tells me it is called Swell). If I could ever bring myself to take scissors to a book (a “keeper” book, I mean, I like what your husband does), I would buy your husband’s book and frame this image, I love it so much. Actually, since I found the price of prints at the Thomas Barry website, I think that’s the only way it’s going to happen, for a poor, bluenose History MA student such as myself (bluenose meaning Nova Scotian, meaning a sailor and a Naval history nerd). Ha. Well, I hope your husband doesn’t mind if I use the image as my facebook profile pic? I was a little concerned, and would feel better about it with permission.

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