I am so not a tech-weenie. (That title falls to my husband.) I am actually something of a technophobe, but perhaps “phobia” is too strong a word for it, though. Most forms of technology simply tax my ever-in-short-supply patience. So if I actually happily receive something more technology-dependent than a book or dutch oven, well, it’s news. At least in this house.

Behold: The new thermometer in my greenhouse.


Before you start thinking “boy, this woman has a very low threshold for what ‘technology’ is if she considers this high-tech” I must let you know that this little thermometer registers high and low temperatures. And I can reset it. You see the three extra hands? The blue one records the low, the green the high, and the little silver one (down at -50*) is the resetting one attached to the silver knob in the center. I dial the silver one around to gang the blue and green hands next to the red one. Magic!

Yes, I suppose my threshold is low. But knowing how low, or high, the temperatures actually get in the greenhouse is something I…just want to know. Not that I’m going to do anything with this knowledge. I just like knowing that, when it’s 23* out and it’s sunny, it’s gonna be 65* in that greenhouse, and I might just need to go sit in there for a spell.

The other little gadget I got for Christmas is a new camera. Not that I had an old one; I have been “making do” with a ridiculously complicated contraption my photographer husband allows me to use. Having a new camera is nice. Really nice, considering the range of its features and 2×3″ view screen. Of course, technologically, it’s a bit too advanced for me, but maybe with a year or two of use I might actually take a decent picture with it without too much swearing.


Plus, better pictures might help convey the method behind my madness. Why build a greenhouse? Food is of course why, but then there’s the priceless nature of just going in there on a cold snowy day and seeing THIS. (Catalognian chickory: it’s related to dandelions, actually.)

8 responses to “Gadgets

  1. Cool thermometer. Can I ask where you got it?

  2. Hi e4: it was a gift, actually, so I don’t know. I googled “springfield thermometers” and fond it here:

  3. I need a few of those for my greenhouses!

  4. Congrats on the new camera. My wife and I use the SD550. Its compact design makes it easy to get into the habit of carrying it around with you everywhere. It has actually become one of our necessary gardening tools. Have fun with it.

  5. Happy New Year El! My Husband put up my chili pepper thermometer this weekend. This morning, it registered 22°. My brother picked his grapes last night for ice wine. Mom told me about all the snow. Brrr! Glad I’m down here where it’s just cold, not snowy.

    Have a great year! Happy Gardening!

  6. You can’t buy a better gadget for $8.85…

  7. The thermometer looks great. I still miss an old digital one that recorded inside and outside temps and had a min/max feature. It died and I haven’t been able to find a similar gadget, they are all too fancy for that now. You are KILLING me with the greenhouse photos! I so want one…. maybe in a few years, post bathroom re-do and new furnace.

    I too have a Canon camera, I love it (even if I still miss the old AE1, a GREAT camera) so enjoy your new one. And please post more greenhouse photos and feed the obsession.

    The weather in Maine is indeed calling for a big warm-up and possibly rain. I can pass on that, but I wouldn’t mind a slight warm up — the rear doors of my car are frozen shut.

  8. Robin: They’re cheap enough, you can buy a fleet of them!

    Kelly: I know what you mean: I now take the camera with me when I do my morning chores or go fetch the mail or whatever. It’s really convenient. I just hope I don’t leave it out in the rain, like I did my husband’s one night!

    Jules: Glad you found me again! I always worry, you know, changing away from blogger. ICE WINE sounds utterly fascinating. But you’d be happy to know we’re getting your lovely warm weather AND tons of rain this weekend. Yuck.

    Trace: Yeah, it’s kind of sneaky of me, going and finding out how much a present of mine costs. Considering how great it is, though, I don’t care how much it costs.

    Ali: Oy, yeah, I guess I would opt for a new furnace over a greenhouse. But I will gladly oblige you with foliage photos! It makes me so HAPPY just going in there and smelling and seeing all that photosynthesis going on. But…these greenhouses don’t need to cost much…so maybe you’ll likely be obsessed, too! Oh and you reminded me of why I am glad I don’t live in MN anymore: my car would ALWAYS get frozen locks if I went to the carwash. I even had to have the gearshift fluid (it’s a manual transmission) changed out to something a lot more liquid in cold temps. than the manufacturer provided: it would get to the point I could barely get it out of gear if it was below 5* out (which, as you know, happens, often).

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