Things I do when I should be working


Play-doh day:  sushi in your pjs

This is the fun thing about working from home when the child has a school vacation.  Play-doh time.  “Whaddya want to make today, kid?”  “Let’s make sushi.”

She had a bit of a fit about the rice.  “I don’t want rice; I want more tuna and peppers.”  I tried to tell her it wasn’t sushi without rice, but she wasn’t buying it.  And it’s not like we’re going to eat it, right?

2 responses to “Things I do when I should be working

  1. The kid knows what she wants. Good for her!
    Love the play doh sushi. (I’m so used to Flickr…. if I saw that there, I’d totally “favorite” it!)

  2. Okay, okay, Liz: it’s now on Flickr. I still need to take the time to learn both WordPress and Flickr to its fullest. Mebbe I’ll make it a new year’s resolution!

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