Surprise in our Christmas tree


I’m not particularly gung-ho about Christmas. I enjoy the time off, and enjoy having two weeks of school-free fun with my daughter…but really, the high holiday of consumerism doesn’t appeal to me in the least. For the sake of family bliss, though, I mostly keep my feelings to myself.

It’s my job to get the tree. I harvest them on either our land or our neighbor’s land across the road. This year, Saturday, I took the kid out with me to go find “the perfect tree,” as she called it. It took a while but we found the least Charlie Brown-ish one: quite a search, considering we stomped around 16 acres of muddy, bramble-filled woodland. Well, we found it. And when I set the tree down at the back steps of the house, we found it held a nest.

Okay, that little nest even got my scroogy heart going. So here it is, lit by our new LED lights.

Happy Christmas, everyone.

4 responses to “Surprise in our Christmas tree

  1. Happy Christmas to you, too, El. 🙂

  2. Oh my! So much brighter than your old site! I love it. Especially on this cold gray ucky day. I would have kept the next in the tree as well. I line up all the nests we find in the fall after the leaves drop. They are so interesting to look at….all so different.

  3. Good to meet you, hilariously clever name, love your writing and your hoop house happenings. Will be back soon, hoop house not (with)standing, am also sustainable farmer in central Illinois. Currently freezing, though the chickens an animals keep me busy…last tomato eaten on 12/25…’cause hoop house not standing, with or otherwise…yet. Good day to you, take care-

  4. Kim! Hi! (glad you found the new place!) Hope your Christmas was merry and bright.

    Meredith: Ditto (what I said to Kim)! I like the idea of a nest survey. And thanks…glad you like the new digs.

    Terry: Welcome! Glad to find YOU, too, and am so glad to learn I’m not the only woman out there digging in our Midwestern dirt!

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