Now, that’s more like it!


This is what we saw when we all eventually got out of bed this morning.  (Yes, I suppose I should put the lawn furniture away.)

The child and I even saw the family of deer making their morning crossing. Our land is situated between two woodlots, and across the road from a good 150 acres of land that is nothing but Deer Haven. Surprisingly, though, there aren’t many deer at all (and I am very grateful for that). This small family of three tends to sleep in the wooded half of our lot, as it is very private there. (My husband has been known to hammock in the nude in the same location, so that’ll give you an indication that it’s fairly safe for a deer snooze, too.) Anyway, we always see their tracks, and sometimes see them, too.

I am just glad for the snow, even if it’s just a bit of a dusting. It makes the world much brighter. And then there’s all that about a White Christmas and all (humbug humbug).

2 responses to “Now, that’s more like it!

  1. Great to see you made the move to! Very good decision!

    How wonderful that you have enough deer to make life more interesting, but not so many that you can’t grow any veggies. Plus, I’m jealous that you have so much privacy on your land, your hubs can be out in the nudey without a care in the world. Much more difficult in the city.

  2. HI Bri: yeah, I still don’t know all the ins and outs of WordPress, but I like it so far.

    But hah! there’s LOTS of wildlife out here to make country life really interesting. I don’t really like the deer, and am glad they stay on the property that does not have my precious plantings on it. Isn’t that funny about my husband? He situated the kiddie (actually, hubby) pool in another (private) part of our property for the same reason. I did not know I married a nudist, but it kind of cracks me up.

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