“Something is not right!”

Can you say “depressingly gray”?

We have a bit of a Madeline book fixation here in the house. Our kid is not a girly-girl, and I think she identifies with this character because of her fearlessness (i.e., “She was not afraid of mice–she loved winter, snow and ice.”). We often have whole conversations based on lines from her books or stanzas from her songs, and Madeline is right up there: this could be, of course, because I loved them as a child.

This morning, though, when we woke up to the howling winds, I brought her to the window and asked her what was wrong, what did she see outside, as “something is not right!”. “There’s no snow, it’s all gone!” she said, astounded. And it was.

That lack of snow sure makes everything so very dark and gray. Not to worry: another front is moving through, and it’s dragging winter behind it. Gone for a little while are those 50-degree days. But I’ll be glad to see the white stuff again. I too love “winter, snow and ice.”

3 responses to ““Something is not right!”

  1. That’s going to happen to us tonight, I just know it. YUCK-O.

    Love the new blog home, El. And Happy (day after) Solstice!

  2. I love, love, love the Madeline books. How can you pass a house covered with vines and not think of them? As for the “Something is not right,” line, there’s something to be said about the power of intuition, and I think it’s great for kids to learn how to identify that in themselves. You go, girl!

  3. Hi there i am a english nerd,
    and i just want to say i love, love, LOVE Miss clavel and her little dog Genervive she is just soooo adorable…
    love lots doll face

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