Happy solstice!

I figured today, right before the actual hour of solstice, was as good a time as any to move away from Blogger.

Thanks for finding the new digs! I wish you a warm, festive holiday season. The snow is melting here; third snow, third thaw…I even saw a couple of bugs flying around outside when I did my chicken chores this morning. (Well, it is 45 degrees outside.) Either way, the world is now tilting back toward the sun, closer, day by day, to gardening season. And that is as warm a thought as I can give you. So thanks for coming to my new home.

5 responses to “Happy solstice!

  1. I found you!!!

  2. Hi! Happy Festivus!
    Man, you are the best chicken picture taker.

  3. You’re looking good! My favorite wordpress theme!

  4. You didn’t say why you moved. Glad I didn’t lose you though 🙂
    Hope your holidays were good!

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