Greenhouse in the plural

Tasty but rare

Getting the coffee going this gray, ugly morning, my husband and I were discussing full-spectrum lights. It seems one of our friends uses them to avoid S.A.D.

I told him I tend to just go into the greenhouse at midday, when I get a little tired of working. “I think it helps, just sitting in there for five minutes,” I said.

“Yeah, I went in there too recently. It smelled just wonderful.” (This from the guy who expresses zero interest in my gardening, except at suppertime.)

I told him I hated to be so stingy with all the greenhouse’s contents. The salads we have had from there are positively heavenly, so tender and deeply colored. (FWIW, it is not fully planted: construction ran too late for some seedlings, and then an escaped chicken made a mess of my mache bed. It will be full when the sun swings back into our hemisphere, say, in February.)

“Maybe we should build another one, then,” he said.

And here I was, wondering how the heck I was going tell him I think we should build a second one next year!

8 responses to “Greenhouse in the plural

  1. Our good friends and neighbors have a hoophouse for winter greens that they generously share with us (we helped build the sucker). But they don’t really start harvesting off the plants until after they break dormancy in Feb.

    You’re quite clever in getting Tom on board with another, but I’d be curious to see how much it produces when it’s fully planted next year. A 16×20 house should be enough for you to eat your fill and have plenty to share! 🙂

  2. Oh, and nothing beats hanging out in the hoophouse on a cold day. We’re still thinking of a small one, but it hasn’t moved up the list yet!

  3. oh those greens look so delectable! That’s IT. I have got to build one next year. No matter WHAT.

  4. Nice maneuvering there. 🙂

  5. Liz: I agree, enough should be enough, but…you should see my broccoli in there! The kohlrabi! The chard! (It ain’t just pretty little minutina and mache and mesclun, is what I am saying.) I am feeling a strong pull to plant more than just greens (though I don’t say that out loud so I don’ hurt their feelings), and more root crops. Yes, after a whole season I should know lots more about it…the things are still growing, albeit much more slowly. So…I of course think you two should build one, even if it is tiny. Your neighbors may be generous, but…just think about what lovelies you can pull out of your own!

    And Kelly: yes, yes. Do. You will love it. Maybe it will help your cold!

    I have another (fuller) post about the greenhouse just waiting to be put up; just give me a day or two…

  6. Seeded: If it could only be so easy ALL the time! 🙂

  7. Serendipity-doo!
    How warm is it in there at midday?

  8. CC: Let’s just say it’s warmER than it is outside. It doesn’t get particularly hot in there at all. The bigger point in our climate is it doesn’t get particularly cold, either, so things that are normally done in by freezes don’t freeze.

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