Another non-gardening post

Hey! Allow me a bit of spousely bragging. My husband’s book came in as book #100 of Amazon’s Best Books of 2007!

My comment: “Somebody had to be #100.”
His response: “Better than #101.”

FYI: it’s an art book, in a toddler’s board-book layout. Uh, it could be considered a bit too naughty for your average toddler, but our daughter has taken it to school at Show and Tell (and she’s pushing 4). You can see more of Tom’s work here.

9 responses to “Another non-gardening post

  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    What an accomplished household you have. Congrats Tom.

  2. Waaaay better than #101! Being #100 also means that they after they had decided on 99 things to include, they picked Tom’s out of ALL the other books in the 2007 universe, to be included in the list. I think it’s very impressive!

  3. Yay husband! I like a good story like this. Congratulations.

  4. What Rurality said. 🙂
    Hoorah for Tom!!

  5. Lisa: Aw, shucks! Thank you.

    Rurality: Ah, now that is an interesting twist, thanks! (I figured they just looked at trendy things.)

    CC: Good stories are fairly rare, which I suppose is what makes them good, no? thank you

    Liz: Thanks! Now if I had some beet beer…

  6. El: Congrats to your husband. I’m inspired to “think outside the box” a bit more in 2008.

  7. I saw the other day his book was on BoingBoing, too.

    Oh, and though I didn’t comment at the time I thought your “batting cage” was really cool. I never covered up my chicken run, because there are too many tall trees next too and I figure the cover would get crushed under the eight of falling leaves in the fall (the exact time of year when a hungry 3 pound hawk might start thinking about attacking a 6 pound chicken.) I’ve had hawks perch on the top of the fence and look down at them a couple times, but never any attacks.

  8. Such a talented family! Congratulations Tom! I love the toddler comment and that your daughter is actually pushing 4. Cracked me up. 100 is very cool indeed considering the barrage of choices out there.

  9. That’s totally fantastical. I love those images he created. I can see why it made the top 100.

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